I Have More Then One Bff Here Is What They Mean To Me.

I have more than one best friend. I actually have six very close BFF's and ten close friends total. I am friendly and have acquaintances but am not close with them. These six people know me better than I probably know myself. They are all different than each other, each with a strength that compliments me in the most amazing of ways.  If I was to line them up as who is Best- Best, then yes, these "best friends" have an order of importance. These are people I know are really my friend no matter what, and who I trust and love with all of my being. they all have their faults, as they are well aware of mine. When you first meet somebody you are dazzled by them and think they are the most amazing on earth and a friendship is built. If the foundation is strong enough, then it lasts even when you find out that they can make you cry and hurt you as deeply as the coldest person on earth. I love my BFF's faults and all.....I don't see them as faults, I see them as fabric making them more colorful and beautiful in a crazy way to my soul. One BFF loves plants she is always digging in her garden.... she knows how I feel without me having to say a word.She is kind hearted and one of the most beautiful people on earth to me. She is real and loves with her whole heart. One  is a lover of horses and is not afraid to be herself.She probably knows me better than anyone else. One is smart and can express feelings and thoughts in many ways. A loyal friend, who can always see another way of looking at stuff. This person appears strong to the naked eye but is more human than most I have met in a long time. This person was a great friend when I needed him/her to be.  Another  BFF is ready to take on the world with a spoon and the written word. This person would dig through a mountain with  a kernel of corn if need be. Another is full of dreams and loves the mysteries of the universe. This person  is not shy who she is and does not care if the world agrees with her or not. Another Bff is somebody I can call and this person would be here in a moments notice. These are the people that make up who I am like a circle of life surrounding my heart. If anything ever happened to them it would kill me, I look at them as my family. So yes I have more than one best friend, each as different as night and day but each one connected to my heart with the thread of trust. I hope we are friends forever, and where ever you all are tonight I wish you well, and goodnight. Wish I could have held on to each friendship but people and times change. Sorry for any hurt caused and your not forgotten and am here if ever needed.


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You know the true meaning of a Best Friend FOREVER! Friendship is a lot like a marriage. It takes work on BOTH parts to make it last, and each experience shared is another brick in the foundation(or the walls if your that far into the build) of that lasting friendship.

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I have had very good friends too but friendships tend to come and go for me. My last good friendship only lasted four years. I still love them all.