Looking For Challenges = Easily Bored?

I actually enjoyed college for the challenges and the opportunities to take classes and interact with people, which and whom I might never otherwise have the opportunity to meet such minds and bodies. Besides, many of the juicier degrees have so many requirements that one could cobble together two related degrees by just taking a summer's worth of additional classes. For instance, to do physics, a lot of math is required -- so do a few more higher math credits and you have a BA in mathematics. Or doing one in art history can also garner you an art minor, or history major.

I wish I could say I was more organized that I actually am, and that I planned my four degrees, but it was actually opportunistic. I took a bunch of classes I was interested in, and did well enough that someone from the department asked if consider going full-degree, or at least an official minor. So, I did. I don't regret the pure science, social science, and humanities degrees I've accumulated; not at all. People do ask (all the time!), "What do you use that degree for now?" I use everything I've learned in every job I've worked, and with every person who has crossed into my life.

I do admit that I do get bored easily, especially if the material is taught poorly or is repetitive. And taking a lot of disparate classes (and even getting degrees in them) helped me learn what I did NOT want to do as a profession or participant in a field or industry. For instance, I know with absolute certainty, that I would be a really really bad doctor, and it's not worth it for me to go to medical school and become a rote learner and problem solver for the sick. Since it's a case-by-case thing, the prospect of repetition is high -- how many cases of the flu do I see before I get dulled by the symptoms and the people, and then maybe miss something important while in a state of ennui?

After all, college is not like vocational school (I've been to those, too) where you learn job skills. To me, college is about life skills and the joy of learning. And let's face it, having multiple degrees in their children makes my parents happy.

(Though I'm not a total egghead either -- learning to party is a big part of life, after all!)
auroramaru auroramaru
46-50, F
Jul 10, 2010