Handwritten expressions

It really depends how I feel and what I am doing. My dominant handwriting is very neat and exact, someone told me once it is as if written with a ruler. Then when I am agitated or just passionate about something I need to write, something important my usually upright handwriting sways to the right and becomes narrower and sharp as if edged in. On very rare occasions I write bolder but with soft edges and more flourish to it almost a left over from a past century.

Typing is totally different: I usually have numerous typing mistakes cause I cannot type as fast as I think of course, words are left out or look funny. I do know people make fun of some who use abbreviations like on sending a text on a cell but at times I find them quite fitting. *lol*

Bennu Bennu
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

I only have two handwritings: ugly and illegible. <br />
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i write very large so that people, and sometime me as well, can read it.<br />
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other times I have the same problem that you have with typing, my hand cannot keep up with my brain, and so of course, words get skipped or they they start to look like the picture on the cardio machine in hospital, when the patient flatlines.<br />
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Best that I type<br />
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