As Is So Often The Case

I am an emotional girl....there's no getting around that fact (to which Tiger will!!!)  Many times, I feel lots of different ways at the same time.  My emotions rule themselves..and me.  I try not to be reactionary, but often fail.  I have a habit of running when things get too stressful....running from conflict.  I hate conflict.  But, with Tiger's help, I'm learning to take everything to him, instead of just running. I thought it would prolly be good for me to write about get my feelings out.  For I am feeling more than one emotion now..hence more than one mood.

I am so very grateful for my Tiger.  I had no idea how completely he would fill my life with passion, understanding, and love.  He is the man I've been waiting for...for an eternity!!  He is everything I dreamed of ....and more.

I am so very lonely for my Tiger!!  We are having real trouble getting to a place where we can be together all the time.  We want to live together..NOW....but we have to deal with others, who are being completely unreasonable.

I am worried for my best friend.  I've not even heard from him in days....and wonder if he's ok.  He's a very sensitive man, though he would say not.

I am , at my core, serene.  Tiger does that to/for me.  He is the balm my soul craves.............

I am loved.....for the first time in my life...I am confident in my lover, my husband in my heart, if not in fact.

I feel all these things, right now.  Grateful/lonely/worried/serene/ mood.

lonesurvivor lonesurvivor
56-60, F
Feb 8, 2010