Morgellons Is The Pits

It's painful.. right now I have horrible painful sores, I have a sore on my finger that looks like I was burned with a cigarette. my face is a mess and I just want this to go away. I can't talk to people about it. and I don't want to be labeled as crazy or diseased. the last roommate I had wouldn't let me interact with anyone because she thought I would infect other people with it. I was locked up in my room the whole time.
I don't wan to live like this. it is miserable.
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Morgellons cause, petroleum digesting fungi that digest alkali in oils, calling springtails to you to eat them, and other insects to you to eat the springtails.

How many woman use petroleum based cosmetics that are the food source of oil eating microbes engineered by oil companies to digest oil?? This would explain the ratio of females to males, that contract Morgellons disease. Especially considering that woman over 30 are more prone to using more makeups.

Seems the fungi infection is concentrated near the oceans of the world where these microbes are infesting people whom are using petroleum products. This infestation then calls springtails to the fungi/bacteria that are then flourishing in the skin, causing a habitat for the growth and breeding of springtails, (who molt) and other insects who breed on springtails.

The lesions commonly found on Morgellons suffers are from other, larger insects, chewing through the skin to get to springtail eggs laid in the follicles of the skin, and/or the fungi growing in pores, follicles, and possibly beneath the skin, due to absorbtion of petroleum jelly and petroleum based products.

Further, some bacteria eat fungi, and move around by means of string like flanges that, at breeding sites could/would produce the string like materials that are commonly found protruding from Morgellons suffers.

I put on petroleum jelly today to check if my symptoms worsen after this application.

Checking skin samples for oil eating microbes, to identify the cause, and warning the public against the use of petroleum based products seems to be the next step in this course of determining the cause of Morgellons, at least from my point of view.

I, looking back into this ordeal have, used petroleum to keep springtails at bay, finding my condition growing worse and worse in the process. Thus looking back I believe that this process of petroleum use and Morgellons development is true.

It also seems that Hospitals are purposely told to ignore Morgellons suffers, (and new cases) by the overseers of the medical profession in America. 14,000 registered families with Morgellons, God knows how many "Delusional parasotitis" people the hospitals have turned away. And I suspect many people who believe they have scabies or bird mite infestations, are also victim of this oil eating microbe/fungus that is causing Morgellons.

This would make perfect sense as the oil producing companies exert a major control on the election process, and would seek to "cover up" this major catastrophe, if true.

Further, I'm thinking at this point that regular treatments of castor oil with nicotine in it, may be the best means by which to address this problem. A treatment that should extend for at least 2 weeks straight. Concentrating on 1 area per day. Skin, respiratory system, and digestive system, in a merry go round that should kill all the springtails as they hatch, and all the spores as they sprout.

The common belief of PH balance of your system to the alkaline side, must be thrown out the window as these bacteria convert alkaline products as food.

Further I have read somewhere that they produce toluene in the process, which would explain the occasional disorientation, and sight problems that are common when to many microbes grow (probably as a result of petroleum based product use)

I would like responses from all you Morgellons suffers, who use, or have used petroleum based products before these symptoms began.

I hear you. Its really awful. I have it too. I have an infectious disease doc who understands its real. But manages the symptoms as well as possible and keeps up on the research with carnicom institute and charles c holmen. But still i have days i just stress out so much

Hi I'm new here so sorry if I'm giving repeat info. I think that we have to stop expecting the CDC to do anything about this. I believe Morgellons is a misnomer and we have a bunch of different diseases as a result of a lousy immune system.

I wrote a blog about this on another site that I will copy over here when I am not on my phone.

Things that helped me:

Cats claw
Thyroid supplements (not medication) amino acids
Organic food
Iodine on my feet

I had started getting lesions but those have stopped since the NAC I also take caproil and bentonite clay. Hepato tincture, deep immune and essiac formula tincture

Hope this helps anyone. Remember these are all detoxifying herbs so you can expect quite a herx response but symptoms do dwindle

Hi I've used Cats Claw before and it is helpful, I've been researching like mad over the internet and talking with people in Morgellons' groups trying to find a solution, I have been trying everything and anything to help and so far the most helpful thing I've found in Wilards Water, still it's not a cure but I'm taking all kinds of supplements, also eating right, no sugar no gluten, all Organic. trying to keep my house clean and all but still it feels like a losing battle. never heard of NAC, I will look into that stuff as of right now I am broke so it's hard to buy everything that people suggest,

I have to say, as someone who has been plagued by the UNFATHOMABLY punishing, equally bizarre and extremely specific symptoms that are attributed to Morgellons - To say its a "misnomer" and not a singular, standalone illness is either: Ignorant or, indicates unfamiliarity with the condition.

Trust me when I tell you, I have LITERALLY been tested for each and every commonly accepted illness in existence! Of, both, the body and the mind (over the past 8 years) and this condition, if judged while possessing knowledge of ALL symptoms associated with Morgellons - It would be abundantly clear that it is NOT several illnesses, when combined, form a disease that "We" who are living with it have misidentified. If anything, the opposite is more likely the case.

Of course, anyone afflicted with Morgellons may ALSO have one....Or even - Many coexisting health conditions. Yet, to say thousands (maybe even MILLIONS) of us are all mistakenly combining symptoms of a, varied array of: separate illnesses forming a singular, unrecognized, incurable, as-well-as, largely untreatable disease which by sheer "coincidence" is virtually identical (in medical presentation) to each and every other persons mistakenly identified, standalone disease?


Have you seen a dermatologist?

oh yes, unfortunately they had thought it was caused by lupus and had me on steroids, she was actually injecting steroids into my sores and it only became worse. I'm not on steroids anymore and I'm seeing a doctor that treats Morgellons. the problem is though the CDC dose not recognize Morgellons as a real disease so no dermatologist is going to recognize it or know how to treat it. and most doctors will think you are crazy if you mention that you think you have this disease. Even the doctor I am seeing about this admits she dose not know what it is. no one does. there are doctors and treatment centers trying to figure it out but as of right now it is a mystery.

I´m so sorry :( *hugs* The CDC´s attitude is shocking- if they don´t recognize it as a disease, how do they explain the sores?? There has to be a cause, even if they don´t know it... Hope your new doctor can help you.

CDC is government. I believe they are responsible for the disease or won't admit its anything to prevent widespread panic

it's very complicated there are people researching it, here is a link to some lab research papers by Clifford Carnicom if you wish to read up on it but it's very strange and complicated.
right now I'm just doing the best I can.

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