Some Things That Can Help

I'm pretty sure this group is inactive but if there is anyone on EP who has morgellons and stumbles across this I would like to offer at lest what has been helping me.

Stay away from Sugar! try to even cut down on natural sugars fruits, and starches. do not use sweeteners such as equal or splenda. if you need something sweet use a natural sweetener such as stevia, or xylitol. coconut sugar is also okay. Do not use Agave.
Cut gluten out of your diet. don't eat any soy products. also try to eat organic and non GMO foods. I swear it will help and you will see a big difference if you are strict about it.
eat lots of greens, and drink lots of water. don't drink soda, not even diet. and drink green tea. add lots of spices to your foods. green tea and spices have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

see if your doctor can prescribe Ivermectin for you, it is an anti-parasite medication and has made a big difference for me.
take Lactoferrin, an iron binding protein, I've been taking it for a month now and I've seen some improvement.
for your skin you can use oils to help the sores from breaking out.
tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon leaf, clove, oregano oil, frankincense, myrrh,all of these have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and are the best oils to use.
another thing you can use on your skin is an anti-fungal cream, also try silver. you can get it in liquid or gel form.
make sure to take a least, one shower a day, I try to take two a day.
wash all your clothes with vinegar, also wash your bedding regularly and do what you can to keep your home clean and mold free.

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Morgellons cause, petroleum digesting fungi that digest alkali in oils, calling springtails to you to eat them, and other insects to you to eat the springtails.

How many woman use petroleum based cosmetics that are the food source of oil eating microbes engineered by oil companies to digest oil?? This would explain the ratio of females to males, that contract Morgellons disease. Especially considering that woman over 30 are more prone to using more makeups.

Seems the fungi infection is concentrated near the oceans of the world where these microbes are infesting people whom are using petroleum products. This infestation then calls springtails to the fungi/bacteria that are then flourishing in the skin, causing a habitat for the growth and breeding of springtails, (who molt) and other insects who breed on springtails.

The lesions commonly found on Morgellons suffers are from other, larger insects, chewing through the skin to get to springtail eggs laid in the follicles of the skin, and/or the fungi growing in pores, follicles, and possibly beneath the skin, due to absorbtion of petroleum jelly and petroleum based products.

Further, some bacteria eat fungi, and move around by means of string like flanges that, at breeding sites could/would produce the string like materials that are commonly found protruding from Morgellons suffers.

I put on petroleum jelly today to check if my symptoms worsen after this application.

Checking skin samples for oil eating microbes, to identify the cause, and warning the public against the use of petroleum based products seems to be the next step in this course of determining the cause of Morgellons, at least from my point of view.

I, looking back into this ordeal have, used petroleum to keep springtails at bay, finding my condition growing worse and worse in the process. Thus looking back I believe that this process of petroleum use and Morgellons development is true.

It also seems that Hospitals are purposely told to ignore Morgellons suffers, (and new cases) by the overseers of the medical profession in America. 14,000 registered families with Morgellons, God knows how many "Delusional parasotitis" people the hospitals have turned away. And I suspect many people who believe they have scabies or bird mite infestations, are also victim of this oil eating microbe/fungus that is causing Morgellons.

This would make perfect sense as the oil producing companies exert a major control on the election process, and would seek to "cover up" this major catastrophe, if true.

Further, I'm thinking at this point that regular treatments of castor oil with nicotine in it, may be the best means by which to address this problem. A treatment that should extend for at least 2 weeks straight. Concentrating on 1 area per day. Skin, respiratory system, and digestive system, in a merry go round that should kill all the springtails as they hatch, and all the spores as they sprout.

The common belief of PH balance of your system to the alkaline side, must be thrown out the window as these bacteria convert alkaline products as food.

Further I have read somewhere that they produce toluene in the process, which would explain the occasional disorientation, and sight problems that are common when to many microbes grow (probably as a result of petroleum based product use)

I would like responses from all you Morgellons suffers, who use, or have used petroleum based products before these symptoms began.

Another inexpensive product that has worked wonders is MMS, not to be confused with MSM. Apparently cures aids cancer etc . but isn't marketed because it would put the drug industry out of business.

Interesting! I've just tried Frankincense oil on my Morgellons lesions and it seems to help almost immediately. Rubbed the oil over the back of my hand and little white balls appeared. Thought it was just dry skin but under the microscope saw they were bundles of white fibres. The oil had drawn them out. Reluctant to cut gluten out of my diet altogether as I understand there's no going back or you will get worse. Sensible advice in your comments, thanks. Margaret, Kent

please share what is helping I need help.

try changing your diet and taking NAC as a supplement. take detox baths, with Epson salts and borax and tea tree oil everyday. try oil pulling, take bentonite clay with psylim husks to detox, take a liver detox supplement pill everyday. try to replenish your nutrients with fresh vegetables and supplements. use an anti-mite spray such as KleenGreen and wash all your clothes and bedding with it. also spray it all over the house. you can use grapefruit seed extract to add to water and also put it on your skin. If you are on a lot of meds I would suggest to get off of as many as you can. you might want to be on a clean diet for a while before you get off of them but I've noticed that Rx meds usually make things worse for Morgellons. Try to do Reiki. I've heard that an infrared sauna will do wonders for Morgellons sufferers but it's too expensive for me.
a lot of people with morgellons have lyme. you may have it too. you can use herbs to fight lyme. Herbs, a healthy diet, and detoxing is all I really know that will help this. I am not cured and I am still suffering everyday. it's not as bad as it was in the beginning but it is still bad even with all the money and work I spend to get better.

MMS, not msm although this helps too