I Guess It's Good I Feel Like Crap All Day

I've been immobile for two whole weeks. I suppose it's expected. The last time I was in bed the whole three months of the first trimester. The baby was very strong and healthy. This one is kicking my butt too. All I can do is sleep. Half of the time I'm doing something then I pass out like I'm narcoleptic.

I can't hold anything down but I'm worried about getting nutrition and hydration. So I take little bites and sips...and just forget about any sort of real meal. I do too much and it's back to the restroom. Oh it was miserable yesterday. I just wanted a sandwich and soup. I didn't get through the whole thing and...ugh...no fun. I want to cry. Everyone else is eating donuts and wonderful spreads of food. I mean, there are constantly several people in and out of the house. And I'm laying in the back like a piece of furniture that only collects crumbs.

I've done the regular things to calm it down like acupressure points and changing my eating habits. Chewing gum helps this time around though. But it's very difficult with a toddler that steals my granola bars I have by the bedside in the morning. She takes off with my water, opens the bottle, and accidentally dumps it, plays with it, or does that nasty backwash thing. Plus she just started potty training.

So when I'm taking a nap, she's joyously sitting next to me cuddling. She's singing and talking about the baby and kissing my tummy. The dog at our feet. It's nice. Then pwwweeeeeeerrrrrrBOOM! A real stinker gets loose. My eyeballs crack open like two roll up shades and I'm screaming to get her away. I'm trying to put her down off the couch. She's holding on to me pleading, "Mama nooooo...I put stickers on your arm....nooooo..." The next time it was like clockwork and she sees my face and goes, "FINE! I'll go to the toilet!" And I say, "You're supposed to go to the toilet before!" She doesn't really do anything but sit on it for fun all day, reading books or newpapers, pretending she's us. Anyway.

Boy do I love my dog...but man does she stink. She never really stinks but everything is bothering me. My mom lit a match all the way across the house and I started running down the hall saying the house was on fire. My dad started cooking meat, I could smell it as it just started to cook and...blech...I feel like I'm going to hurl just thinking about it. I was wondering why...for the past month (before I knew I was pregnant) that I kept eyeballing the spouse wondering what in Gods name that smell was that he was using after showers. It was...well...soap and deodorant.

My eye sight has gone to crap too. I can't see a thing around here. They talk about a lovely glow but I'm green and purple in the face with lovely pregnancy acne. I am so sore all over that I don't want to be touched but I am so emotional that I want someone to hold me...

I am one hot mess.

Tekkamaki Tekkamaki
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I used to throw my prenatals up. They are better if you can take them with food. Esp if they have Iron in them. W/o iron is a little easier to keep down. Be sure to drink as much water as possible. Sip on ice chips if nothing else. The ginger capsules are really good. They have them at Wal-Mart even. Dry toast and tea. make up a pitcher of camomile or peppermint tea and sip on it, esp with ice or heat up a cup full at a time. I craved limeades myself. The smell of anything made me vomit. Coffee in the AM -- yeacchh! If you are on bedrest, try listening to classical music, esp Baroque (Vivaldi, Bach) it's very good for the baby to her that structured 4 beat sound. Be cal,.

Yeah, the middle of the fireball is like a softer kind of jawbreaker. I went out looking for some and there was none. : (<br />
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LunarPanda, oh no gallstones! I've been sipping on water a little at a time. It's getting better, I think? But I also started taking my prenatal at night and that's making a huge difference. I think the prenatal is making me extra queasy. So taking it at night, I don't notice it while I'm sleeping! <br />
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So, I'm still on the hunt for all these things. No luck so far but I will find all of them! Lucky me, there were sales on the stuff I was looking for so they were all out. : (

Oh, you poor baby girl! I can say been there and done that except I was that way for NINE frigging months! Much later I found out there was a reason (gall stones!), but it was AWFUL. Sometimes crackers, just a few can help. Ginger ale is great, Sprite or Seven-Up. Sometimes Perrier can do wonders. You need to drink as much fluids as possible (that you can keep down! Don't get dehydrated!) Some people find that plain white rice or plain potatoes (baked or boiled) will help. TRY ginger capsules from health food stores! They are amazing for nausea. Also try peppermint or camomile tea. Cool with ice or hot. Also peppermint candy. Suck on it. This is so hard on you. Be strong!

Lemonheads tear up my tongue but I love them! I love putting fireballs in water and drinking it after it dissolves...I don't know why.

Mmm...peppermint sounds good. : D<br />
<br />
I was reading about atomic fire balls and lemon heads. OK...now this sounds too good to be true! I love those!

Good save, lol! : P

nah i dare not even consider that possiblity with one so lovely

Rick...*smacks! But in a nice affectionate way, lol! But not dirty because I KNOW what you'll be thinking! <br />
<br />
JP, I didn't know about tea. Huh, the things I learn even the second time around!<br />
<br />
Mello, I hope so! She's such a smart cookie. Thanks! : )

i've never been pregnant so i've never experienced any of this....from the sounds of it though i don't want to experience it either LOL good luck tek!

Oh Mello- the little one is making me all gush with how much she's helping. <br />
<br />
Glow - Aaaah! I know I already feel like that. I just knew days after but waited to test and tell everyone about three or four weeks after I knew. So it's shorter for them but longer for me.<br />
<br />
Yes, that's my butthead who wrote the letter. Sometimes he's like a nice car that you have to jump start (set on fire, blow up, just kidding) to work but when it does, it's wonderful. When it doesn't...you have to take it to the shop and kick start it again. OK. So he's not a car but he can be a pain. But a loving pain...in the...hahahaha!

I was that way with my first. I found out when I was only days pregnant. I think I carried him for three or four years.(You know, one of those things where you see people, and they're saying, "Wow. you haven't havd that baby yet? How much longer do you ahve?" and I say, "Five more months..."<br />
<br />
With my second, we were trying, so I was eating good things already, and taking vitamins. SO I tried to hold off on actually knowing as long as I could. I had suspicions, but waited for the test. Much shorter feeling pregnancy.<br />
<br />
Seems like you have good support though, that's your boy who wrote the letter to the baby, right?

Nora, alas there is no ginger ale but I will be thinking about getting some. Actually, it sounds reaaaaally good right now!<br />
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Glow, I think because I knew so early on that I realized...man...this morning sickness is going to "seem" longer. Ooooh Blow Pops! I've been sugar free chewing gum a lot. <br />
<br />
It's funny because there's the adjustment period. The part where I finally get the hang of it. I know what to avoid and what to eat...sooo I can't get rid of the feeling but I can cope with it better.

Oh no. <br />
<br />
*comiserates with Tek*<br />
<br />
Maybe it will be over before that. Hmm...what did I do? I think I lived on blow-pops for six months. Something about the sugar would just keep the nausea down a little. <br />
<br />
But I did have to lay around...I don't think anything helped that...

Yay! <br />
<br />
Um, about two months from now? I think. All this laying down has made me loose track of time. : /

:-) Am going to try to be here more often now. Life is settling down somewhat, anyway, so I won't have an excuse to stay away. <br />
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When is the first trimester over?

Tiny- I'm counting down, lol! It sucks major...but it's also good because everything's working correctly. Well least that's what I tell myself when I feel like absolute poot, lol!<br />
<br />
Hello Glow! Missed you but sometimes the EP break is needed. <br />
: D<br />
<br />
Yay for happy baby dancing! Thanks!

I was sick for three months with both of mine. It sucks dirt. So sorry for you :-(<br />
<br />
On the upside - my absence from EP means I didn't know - CONGRATULATIONS!!!<br />
<br />
*doing the happy baby dance*