Miss My Life!

I've been having the foot pain now for about a year and recently was diagnosed with a M.N in my left foot, but also have similar pain in my right.  I feel like I woke up one day and had my life taken away due to foot pain.  That may seem a bit dramatic, but it's how I feel.  I used to love running, walking, playing with my kids, bare foot walking, and so many other normal activities and now I'm just a side-liner.  I need to make a decision on a treatment course and I've been struggling with what option to go with.  I've done some research and talked to a family friend who had done the surgery, but she deals with a numb foot and apparently is now very sensitive to cold.  My Doc didn't really give me any options that were any good other than cryosurgery, which nobody does in my state (WI). I'm seriously considering going to Tampa, FL to get the procedure and I'm hoping and praying this is the right step with the right Dr.  I would love so much to enjoy a nice walk again!
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So did you have the cryo? I had the cryo on all four of my neuromas by the very doctor you are comtemplating seeing in Tampa, FL, Dr. Marc Katz. He is a very nice man, but this did not work for me. Not one of my neuromas was cured by cryosugery. I understand others have success though.

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I would watch out for the surgery. Several bad reactions on the web. I have decided to see whether I can just cope with the pain a bit longer. If not I tend to think cryo is probably the best. They don't want to give me any more steroid injections as they are defatting and defleshing my foot. My left foot in which I have had 4 fibromas removed looks like the surface of the moon underneath. At least my right foot with the double MN looks like a foot.<br />
All the best and I hope you get your life back.