Neuroma Di Morton... A French Disaster

I was admiring the lovely view of the Tour d'Eiffel when Morton's struck. A benign tumor. A thick nerve. I dropped to the french streets and began stroking my right foot. Those damn moccasins... As I massaged my toes I thought 'Sacre Bleu! My foot hurts!" Since I was a student traveling abroad with no health insurance and a minimal knowledge of the language, it was just me and Morton's. My second toe jutting out caused quite the scene with the Parisians. A random hobo was kind enough to rush me off to a questionable English medic. He quickly deduced Morton's Neuroma. His lovely accent and charming smile distracted me from the stabbing pain. After, the medic, the hobo, and I indulged ourselves at the nearest cafe. The crepes were delicious but M.N. still haunts me. I plan on traveling via boat back home to New Zealand and will always remember the generosity of the hobo and the sexy medic.

Thank you for the support. New Zealand doctors are still struggling for the cure.
Sheila W.
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Jan 10, 2013