It's has always been that way. I've just gotten along better with the opposite sex. I've tried having just mainly male friends, but jeez, some of these guys, just have no depth when it comes to conversation. I'm sure not all guys are that way. I just haven't found any I guess. Women do make good friends, but there are many downsides. I don't think a man and a woman can be friends if one or both are attracted to one another. I can't work. Oh I'm sure some women will say,"Oh! that's not true. I have a good male friend.He's this. He's that.". Truth of it is, ladies, chances are, he may want to bone you. He's just waiting to get out of the friend zone with you. If there was an opportunity to have sex with you, he MAY DO it. If you ask him, he's going to say NO,but chances are,yes.he would.
Of late, two of my closest female friends, husband's have gotten a bit concerned that we've been hanging out(it's not like we've been hanging out alot before) so I've had to back off with hanging out with them. I respect their relationships with their husbands. Their family should come first. It just kind of sucks. oh well.
My one friend says I should befriend single females, which hey, I do, but they eventually get boyfriends OR girlfriends. then it's a vicious cycle. Some times, I figure, it's just better to be on my own. Don't have to worry about the drama. Jeez, I hate it when one of my friends can't talk to me because her boyfriend is looking over her shoulder when I FB messenger her. She apologizes later, but I'm sorry, is that a healthy relationship??! Oh well, but it's not my problem,right?
winterkill66 winterkill66
51-55, M
Aug 23, 2014