No Longer "Homeless"

As of today I am in a cottage and I have my own bathroom and kitchen.  It's a reality check when a person is put in a position where they realize what things they have taken for granted. I went from an abusive, maid status existance to a rooming house where I had to share one bathroom with 5 people and had to leave the security of my room too use it and therefore I carried a sharp weapon with me.  I also had an obvious stalker who never spoke a word but would just stand and stare at me minute after minute without blinking! It was unnerving and I felt a threat so I'm glad to have left that area.  I guess I will be in this place long term if all goes well and if not then I will once again have to move. I know where I want to live and once I get there I will have the security that I seek and I will NEVER have to move again. That is my goal! I have a good deal of unpacking to do still so I'd best get at it.
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May 3, 2007