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Ok yall here goes;
 I have always had many voices in my head some would act out to help in stressful situations.  I started when I was very young I do not know when the first was, I have always been ok playing by myself. 
I know I have at least one female her name is Brenda and been around at least since 5th-6th grade. 
Chula who is like a protector and prankster can be very violent, total manifistation when I was in 7th grade during a fight.  I blacked out he took over and I did not come back till I was in the principles office with no memory of what happened.
Bi-ran who is very sexuall and playful, very feminin, likes to dress up.
Abuser do not like to talk about just that he is.
the Intellects those guys who think all the time about everything, love new information and can use it.
Texan my theripist has met him, likes whiskey and Steaks
Sucidals They just want it all over, even though I have made specific rules of sucide (degreed when I was in 7th grade) I have had one almost succesful attempt.
Travis my theripist has met him, a young 13-15 year old boy who is shy.
Driver his job is drive when I am unable, very handy guy to have has saved me many times.
I know there are many more a few who I can not understand they speak a different language than I do.  I usally hear them while I am sleeping because I wake up and hear them.
Some one will while I am sleeping grab my feet I can physically feel this and the sentation stays after I wake up, so it feels very real.
So there so far is the rogues gallery, some I know and others my therepist knows and I do not.

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Starlight that was some good insight and advice, thank you. Something to really work on.<br />
<br />
I have an Alter who is called Driver. That is his job and function. When we are in distress or others want to be out who should not drive he does. Some of my younger or less focused Alters like to be behind the wheel but Driver is the one in control. Sort of like having a parent holding a kid in his lap. Driver also has the maps and how to get from place to place. Once in a while someone will make him mad and he will leave us hanging trying to figure out how to get some place we have been to only a few times. Fun fun fun.

I can relate to you allofus, and I really feel for you Safia and your Mom. <br />
<br />
We can no longer work (Little Ones) hiding under desks at work when it got Stressful.<br />
We can no longer drive all the time (a 4 yr old girl loves car rides and does not look at the road nor hold the steering wheel), we do however have a 16 yr old girl who loves to drive. We try to make rules for our System for All to follow. We also created tools for each Alter, well they created their own. <br />
<br />
Tools:<br />
<br />
Calm and Relax (we close our eyes and try to relax, deep slow breathes)<br />
<br />
A Safe Place (Each Alter creates his or her safe place-anything is possible, so they feel safe and are safe in their safe place)<br />
<br />
A Shield (Each Alter creates his or her Shield that is put around them for extra protection from flashbacks, emotions, physical pain, mental pain, ptsd, ) If we don't use our shields during these times, we all seem to feed off of each others pain and it just keeps getting larger.<br />
<br />
A Happy Thought (Each Alter creates his or her happy thought. This could be anything that makes them feel happy- to help adjust the overall mood of the system).<br />
<br />
I hope this has helped. <br />
I love answering questions as well. <br />

Safia questions and learning is kind of what this site is all about, so no problem. First I have great sympathy for you and your mom. I do like the United States of Tara show but no it is not very real but it has some good insights. I am co-conscious for the most part with most of the many parts that make us up. I do see a Psychologist and even he thinks I am rather different, simply because I did not try and hide from the voices when I was young and created a better working relationship between various alters.<br />
One of the problems I have is I am male and males do not do well in work or society when they have DID. Women like your mom get written off as being moody or just written off as some woman thing she is going through. Men do not get that consideration. I no longer work, this is a recent adjustment for me. But because I was not consistent it irritated my bosses and co-workers until I was removed from the job, so I have had a few to many jobs. We can do them and do them well but we are not always the same when and how we do them. To confusing for to many people.<br />
I do have some not so nice Alters but they are mostly defensive or mean to me as opposed to being mean to others.<br />
I am of the belief of quit fighting all the alters and try to come to a compromise with them. They want something and believe they exist for a reason just as the central person does. To some alters the main person is an alter as well. <br />
I have some friends who know about my state of mind and most just said it made sense to them. But you are correct many people do not understand or even believe in Multiple personalities. So you have to be careful. I am glad you are helping your mom. Some things you can do now for her and the alters is listen and be interested in who they are. Try and keep record of alters when they appear try and find out their likes and dislikes. This could help your mom began to understand what is going on when she is not there and one of them is. Try and get the alters to journal or leave notes about what they did while out, so others can know what is going on. It sounds more complicated than it is.<br />
If you have more questions or more personal questions you can send me a message and I will do my best to answer all your questions as best as possible.

Thank you for sharing this. I am forever looking for information on DID. <br />
My mother has this and while I wish growing up with a mother with multiple personalities was like the "United States of Tara", it's not. <br />
It can be extremely scary. And I know it is for her, too. <br />
Besides, (7 of 10 known), of her alters are not 'nice'. <br />
Three of them are just plain vicious. <br />
And, trying to explain this to friends who would come over... <br />
Let's just say I quit trying to explain. <br />
Even now, when people meet her more than once, they'll comment on how different' she seemed from last time.<br />
'Different'. What an understatement!! <br />
But, she gave up trying to get help when I was quite young. <br />
My father and brothers left. Almost two years later, I was, finally (the last one left in her 'care') removed from my home at 12 years old. <br />
The alters you shared about here don't sound mean like most of hers. <br />
Driver sounds like a blessing in disguise, as it were.<br />
You wrote that you hear some alters upon waking? Are you co-concious of them? <br />
Would you mind sharing any kind of treatments you have had any success with? <br />
Most of my family has given up on her & don't understand why I even talk to her at all because she was, and often is, cruel to me. <br />
But, she's my mother. I want to try to help her find a way to live in Peace. <br />
She has no problems functioning, working, etc. Is it the same for you?<br />
Do people realize you have it? Or is it like my mother where people just think she is 'extremely moody' and 'different'?? <br />
I apologize for all these questions. Most people aren't at all open about this, is all. <br />
Again, thank you for sharing. I hope you come back soon!<br />
I look forward to learning more about you.

Just curious how old are you? Are you a guy or a girl? Please call me Thally

AE I can talk to you here but not at your personal email site. You really should not give that out. I am old compared to you. It would not be appropriate to email that way.

Wow, so ur already in therapy? e-mail me i wanna talk to someone who know wat it's like to have voices in their head and not think I'm crazy please? My email is:<br /><br />
My name is Thalia I am 15 years old how about you?