Well i have way too many alters to name and not all want to say their names here so, basically i have just as many boys as girls and everyone is under 20. Anemone and Eureka are 2 of them they are 16. Ane is shy and super cute while Eu is her polar opposite sexy and wild. They were my third and fourth, around 5th grade or 6th i am in 9th now i think my Mpd has developed way too fast in my opinion, but i could be wrong. Mitchell was my first guy he's 17, sweet and always here to help, for me having this condition isn't bad at all, i have people or rather alters to talk to and relate i stll have no idea if i was raped or why i have them, all i kno is that they are here to help.

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Hello there :) I am happy to meet you and I would like to talk to you if that's ok :)

many have on idea what hppened to cause the split. for me it stated with abuse very young, accountes for 3 of them plus the main host makes 4 then the other one<br />
<br />
the other one is the protector but not as much as in the past he is also the one that spent a lot of time out in viet nam spical when we were in indian country<br />
he keeps many secrets<br />
<br />
ricki is 5 to 6<br />
<br />
badboy is 8 to 10<br />
<br />
richard or rick is current plus all others<br />
<br />
the other is current age plus all others

haha since we put our firs comment we found anot5her one haha noe ew are 15 haha bye from hattie ps i am 4

There are 14 of us altogether and we're all females and we all love each other and get along well. It's kind of fun for us all but sometimes we all want to be out in the world at the same time and things can get kinda strange then. The youngest one is a baby who screams all the time (but we can't always hear her) and the two oldest ones are 62. We all want you to tell your friends. If they can't handle it then they don't deserve you for a friend!

Wow there are only like 20 of us and sometimes i think i hear more!!

there are at least 40 of us! some of us our host's parents don't know about, because we don't want to hear them moan, "oh no! you have MORE!!!???"

Thanks so much!!! I probably will...... eventually Thanks for the advice i apreciate it!

You should get your story out to your friends. so that you don't lose them. and if they leave you after knowing then they weren't really friends. One of my closest friends is Severly schizophrenic and I would never ever turn my back on him. Hang in there. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

It really is actually some of my alters don't wanna talk to my friends and they don't kno about it so it really is, I'm scared to loose my bestfriend because of this but she's the only other person who knows.