Why Are There So Many Of Me?!?

OK. This must be the goofy one... because I feel like being super silly!


It took me years to realize that I have a multiple personality disorder. My husband (bf at the time) would say, "you always wake up like a different person every morning." And I never quite knew what he meant until I met someone with MPD. Then my ex-fiance called me out of the blue (we are not allowed to talk by order of his wife) and he said, "I had a dream about you giving a presentation of your different personalities on a chalk board." He then went on to discribe EVERY one (I think there are 5... at least the main ones) in AMAZING detail. I was astounded. 

So...yeah. Besides that, I can't remember anything. Like, I will forget what JUST happened and it kinda freaks me out. 

So, anyway... I'd love to talk to others w/ it (or ANYONE who wants to talk to me, myself and(or) I !) 

I am what they call "co-conscious" (as far as I know!) which means that (for the most part), all my "selves" are aware of what is going on at any given time, it just depends which once is in control at the time. 

For example, if I answer a list of questions one day, and say "absolutely never!" to something, the next day (or moment), I might say "absolutely always!" to the same question, and for the most part, am being completely honest. That's because my different personalities have very (VERY!) strong, and often opposing feelings about things. Which makes life incredibly frustrating, because I will make a decision to do something (like...say....sleep with someone), and the next week, I am back in my "good girl" mode, and am SOOO frustrated that my other self just did something stupid.

Ok, I'm sure that this sounds like just an excuse for doing things to you peoples who don't have MPD. But, you all with it know exactly what I'm talking about! :)

(Ok... going to stop rambling. I am on alot of meds and I swear it makes me loopier than normal. Which is pretty loopy. So, you can just call me "Super Loop"!)

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Hi! :D PM me on here.... i'd love to talk to you..... i've never met another co-concious or AMPD (associative multiple personality disorder) person before... I've been consciencely aware of the "people residing in my brain" since the womb.... which the court ordered psychologist say that discovered my secret said is REALLY rare. i have 3 personalities myself.....there used to be 4. i'd like to tell you more. but I'm too lazy/busy studying for a math final/taking care of my kids to type out the details right now. Give me a buzz when you get the chance!

proxy is just a different term i think<br />
<br />
i have know a few others but never really date one unless my first wife and love may have been but it was never clear but them again we were very young at 13 when we got married and we love each other very much

right now i am ricki and sort of have control the others are very sad right now as they miss some one realy bad<br />
but even if we have been thoguth the stuff we are still ouw own selfs in many ways we just share thigs with each other better<br />
<br />
richard is the main one then there is the one with no name but other do not alk about him a lot he is the protector

hello, you seem like a very fun person we should talk sometime :P. I'm Ivy the "host" if you want to call it that.

not sure why these thing happens<br />
but it make getting a long with others very hard as few can understand the shift for no reason from one to the others to go from being in your 20 back<br />
<br />
think some people use it as an accuse but they would use any thing most of us just live with it and try to make do with out calling atteneion to ourselfs to 4 or 5 in the flash os an eye

Welcome to the club. The only club were your a lifetime member but just do not realize it. There are a few of us on here with DID (what use to be MPD) If you want to my page my first experiance groups are DID people. I like talking with others who share this because it helps them learn and it helps me learn more about who we are and how to handle so many different aspects of this life. I can not say I am not weird but not a stalker and not dangerous to others. If you want to be friends please feel free to send me a circle request. Check out my page blogs and stuff if it helps than I am more than happy to share. That is a goal of mine. To help myself by helping others.