My Great Grandkids Bless Their Little Souls

My 2 Great Grandchildren ages 11 mo and 3 both have MRSA, as does their Mom. My 11 mo old was sitting with his Dad and me on the back porch. The baby already had a mrsa on his little leg. I noticed something on his inner wrist. The very next day his wrist was very very swollen up and he had a puss pocket. His parents took him to the ER where just gave him bactrim and a cream. That poor little guy. They did not open it to get a sample to culture it. Two days later it changed its color and looked worse so they took him back. This time they cut it and did a culture. Yesterday we took him to a baby dr. I was less than impressed by her. She hardly looked at the baby's 2 MRSA's and I had to ask her about decolinization with hibi clense baths and nasal antibiotics. she obviously knew about this protocol, but did not offer it. she did say that this process was ok to do. she did recommend neosporin for the nasal rub.
This is the babys 2 time to get MRSA yielding 4 open infections 2 boils each time.
I do feel that not enough precautions are being taken in the schools to prevent this crap from spreading to uninfected people. They have confirmed that MRSA can live on surfaces 90 days so are they cleaning door knobs? on and off knobs? no, they only do them daily. IMO every school should have motion sensored on and offs and open close mech's. people who prepare food for the students should be manditorily tested for MRSA. The children are our future and not enough is being done to protect them.
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