Pregnant With Mrsa

In August 2008 my Husband got a boil on his thigh our family Dr opened and drained it. While I told the Dr we had some frineds that had MRSA he totally disreguarded it said it was only an infected hair folical and sent him home with antibiotics. the following month I got a boilI called the Dr they said unless I was unable to drain it and it should return or I get another one that i should just treat it at home which i did... the next month my 5 year old got 2 boils on his leg we took him to his Dr. thy didn't want to open his or culture it so they treated it as if it where MRSA/STAPH with antibiotics... we each had a few small pimple like ones the following month then they where gone... when I found out I was pregnant around the time all this started I asked my Dr to test me for MRSA . the nasal swab was NEG. so we forgot about it. now I"m 36 weeks pregnant my group B strep test just came back NEg but they did detect I"m MRSA positive !!!! so I"m really worried about me my family and my unborn baby... having a c-section and large open wound with MRSA is really scary I don't know what to think or do everything I"ve looded up on the computer is very negative and frightening any advice ?

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I am in nursing school and honey I hate to say this and I hope you dont hate me, but I would be scared to death