Child With Mrsa

I am the mother of a beautiful 13 year old who back in May of 08 caught the ring she was wearing on a door it slipped under her skin causing a cut. It cleaned and covered with antibiotic ointment and a band aid. Her finger seemed to be healing but suddenly it started to change became swollen and pain full I knew it was infected. we were out of town for a wedding and when we came back I took her to the doctor where she was put on antibiotics and told to soak it. Two days later it was worse I rushed her to the hospital where she had her finger opened and cleaned I was told she had MRSA. Her finger healed but from this one incident she has been suffering from MRSA breakout's since it started under her armpits little red bumps that hurt and would become huge boils she has been on 6 courses of bactrum for continuous breakouts (she would get about a month in between of no breakouts) given by her general phy.She was finally sent to infectious disease doc after another boil appeared under her right armpit. she was put on Zyvox and bactrum for a month and I prayed it was over with. Well she is now on zyvox again for MRSA that appeared on her knee after she got a rug burn I have become an expert on MRSA and thank god for insurance as zyvox runs about 2000.00 a pop. My daughter's grades have slipped from A"s B's to c because of missed school and depression she is afraid never knowing when it will return. It is so important to wash your hands one break in the skin can cause it and there is no guarantee if you can get rid of it. I live in a Small town in Florida and I am going to begin speaking in my community about MRSA and what it can do to your life and those that love you.



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Thank you for sharing. I'm 20 and was just diagnosed with mrsa. I have abscesses all over my neck chest back and chin. They're huge and hurt and itch. I'm scared its in my bloodstream. I don't leave my house in fear of spreading it. I've become depressed and am shutting heart goes out to every person struggling with mrsa.