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No More Mens Clothes ??

I don't have any mens clothes that i know of. All my undies are girls panties. My socks are bought in womens wear. Pants are all girls. All my shoes and boots are womens . Couple work shirts might be boys i don't know. They are pull-over sweat shirts for work in the winter. Even my coats are all womens. Also work coats.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 3 Responses Jan 11, 2011

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i dont have any male clothes at all all mine are very femme clothes and my wife loves me dressing at all times and going out dressed to xxx c

I have a few remaining mans clothes, and only one reason I brought a man's shoe, because I looking some new job, and want to make the first impression, then I can be myself... In the another hand, I can wear womens clothes, and still nobody notice it... . I wear only womens coat, I love them, everything is feminine is made for me. :D

Me too I just spent the day shopping and have tipped the balance a good ways in that direction. I haven't gotten rid of my boy clothes yet I am keeping them for when I so really dirty stuff to keep my girl clothes nice. I just hate getting my nice pretty clothes trashed when I don't have to. It's good tp have something I don't mind getting dirt grease oil or ink on the don't have to look nice.