No More

I no longer own any male clothing.

Six years ago I started living my life as a woman and now am happy to say I made the right decision. It was a huge moment when I tossed away the last of my male clothing. The following morning when I was getting dressed I only had women's clothing to choose from. Since I no longer could dress as a male I felt that I also no longer was crossdressing since feminine clothing now was the norm for me.

Dressing up is quite addictive, no matter how you start. I also doubt that it's anything we really have any control over. For some of us we really get sucked into female clothing quite deep.

I hope that you enjoy dressing up as much as I do.
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Very much so. I still have
a few pants, shorts, and t-shirts, but almost all my clothes are made for women. I'd say 90% of my clothes aren't anything a man would wear. Naturally, all my underwear is Panties.

yes my dear i enjoy dressing as you and one day wish to be as you all time in womans clothins but my progress go slovely (no support at home wi,,,) but go each year step by step

It's wonderful that you are living as your true self. I agree that once you let the woman inside out into the world, and begin dressing and living as a woman full time, it is no longer crossdressing.

You are lucky to be living your life the way you want to. I wish you all the happiness you deserve.

It's not like I can go back now can I.