My Dermatologist Thinks It Mucha-habermann's Disease

At first I was diagnosed with chronic pitiriasis rosea in 1997, after being diagnosed with Diabetes.  I thought maybe the skin condition was coming from the medication, and then was told that the lesions were not "Druggy."  Lately, the flucinoide and lidex creams aren't working anymore, not that they really worked before, but they provided some comfort to the scaley and itchy patches.  Last week, while my dermatologist performed a skin biopsy, he's thinking that it could be Mucha-habermann's disease.  All a girl wants to know is how did I get it and how can it be treated.  My arms look terrible and I've stopped wearing tank tops because  I notice how people look at my arms when I'm wearing short sleeves.  Luckily my stomach is covered up.  Lord knows if I were younger, I'd probably be depressed.    Talk to me..... Girlhulk!

Girlhulk Girlhulk
1 Response Aug 2, 2010

Steriods and antibotics work great and for the itchness I use cortizone 10. I have had this disease for over 5 years. Make sure you get alot rest because usually causes this low immune and most likely as young adult or kid you had vaccines done. Some vaccines has caused this rare disease