My 4 Year Old...

At first I thought maybe the dog had fleas and my son had gotten a few bites. Then he had a lot and we thought chicken pox. I took him to the doctor she gave him a treatment for scabies but was puzzled that he wasn't itchy. He went back in two weeks it kept getting worse. Every two weeks we tried new meds every time. They drew blood twice once for disease once to test for allergies. I took him to new doctors no one knew what it was. He were referred to a dermatologist and when he saw Marley he knew instantly. My 4 year old is on two oral medications and a topical medication twice a day. It breaks my heart. I pray it doesn't make school too hard for him and I'm still shocked about the diagnosis even though we found out over a month ago.
Luv2believe Luv2believe
26-30, F
May 9, 2012