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As everybody's stories start out as well I was also 16 when I found out I had MA it crushed me and plus it didn't help after all the test results were and the doctor told me I had it she had no bedside manor. I love kids, hell I have loved kids since I was one and to find out I couldn't have kids killed me, so I met guy and happen he had kids so I thought this was a sign from God that I could be with a man who had kids, Well as the years went out I got stronger about MA and saw a bunch of children born and I was a little hurt when I would go up to the hospital for the delivery but I got better from it. We broke up and I'm 23 yrs old now and all my crabbiness has gotten worse and so have my cramps,went to a new doctor today and she did a pap and physical and she said she couldn't feel my uterus or my ovaries and she hopes they have not started to deteriate inside of me cause if they have i could have cancer so I'm about to go back through a lot of testing again, I really need yalls support out there while I go through this. I think I would get through it a lot smoother if I had someone to talk to that knew what I was going through emotionally and physically. Thanks for reading.
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Did you tell your doctor that you have MA? She may have not known when she said she thinks your uterus may be deteriorating.