Finally Not Alone

hi everyone :)
i am a new member to this website and really thankful that i can read stories of people who have same condition as mine. i read all the stories in this group and most of them are from 2010/2011 but i am really hoping that you all are still "here"
i am a 18 soon to be 19 in couple days. i was diagnosed MA when i was 16 as my mom was worried about me getting no period yet. the doctor told me to wait until I'm 20 and see whether or not i'd get my period which i knew that it's not going to happen. frankly said it was really really difficult and a nightmare for me and of course for my mother since i am the only daughter (i have 2 brothers) in my family. i spent the whole night crying in my mom's arm. too many thoughts crossing my mind; 1. would it still be possible for me to have my (even one) biological child? 2) would i ever get married? if yes, then would it be last? 3) would i ever be truly loved by a man 4)WHY ME?
not a lot of my family members know except my mom,dad and my grand mom. i decided no to tell anyone though. i even lie to my friends. i chose particular date to set as a monthly date my period starts and i buy pads.
2 years had passed without any serious concern regarding my issues but tonight I'm starting to concern about this problem because I'm now seeing a guy and he knew already that i really have "tight" vagina and didn't try to have sex with my after. I'm confused to either tell him/ just leave it.
actually the point of my story is i am now beyond happy that i finally found a place to share my issue to people with mutual problem. i thought i was completely alone but I'm not. but it still gives me pain seeing newborn babies/pregnant women which is supposed to be happened to all of us :)
anyways, i would be really glad sharing thoughts with all of you guys here. thank you!
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hi...i too thought i was alone in all this until i found this site. good to hear your story. each story is encouraging to us all. i feel awkward when my friends talk about periods. i never used to buy pads and one of my room mates asked me about it. i broke down and had to tell her. i now regret doing!