Started Small, And Only Expanded.

A few years back, following a discharge from the hospital for an infection in my optic nerve, I found I suddenly could not drink sodas. I mean literally, could not. It gave me immediate excruciating chest pains! It was the strangest thing, but because of it I had to give up soda. From there, it started to effect other things.. Sodas became junk food, then fast food, then non-organic food, and just carried on. Of course, being forced to stop eating badly was definitely good for me, and honestly that part of it's really nice! But it's getting to the point now that I have a really hard time around gas stations and running vehicles, I cannot, -CANNOT-, be around cleaning chemicals, I have to use natural-ingredient shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.. it's still just escalating. I don't mind, I think it's oddly beautiful to be so in tune with natural things, but I wish I had the money to just get all-organic, natural everything in the house. That'd be really nice. It's a long-term goal for me. I'd especially like a natural wool mattress. :)
tinysarahface tinysarahface
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012