Decision Making Time

Well I've gone from no where to live to having three possible places that I could call home.  I currently renting a room and it's okay. I could make adjustments to suit my needs and really have it look as if it is MY room.  Then there's the matter of the house that I payed rent for that still isn't remotely ready--hence I'll be in this room until it's ready--and then there's disability accomodations that are scheduled on a waiting list system.  It's tedious at best.  When a space becomes available I can move into that unit and have a true home of my own again.  This has become a matter of first come first served. Sometimes it's amazing how blessings come to someone even though they don't recognize their good fortune as a blessing.  I had nothing three weeks ago. NOTHING!! And now I have an extended family, different housing choices, and a fulfilling day to day existance that I did not have before and didn't know that I was missing. Once I put aside certain built up factors since I've lived alone for a couple of years I begin to accept different changes and now I appreciate the life that I have been given.  I'm singing a different tune that I was a couple of weeks ago!
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1 Response Mar 27, 2007

That really is fantastic! I am really worried about my future right now because I am a single parent of a teenager and we are pretty poor. I never remarried, in fact I am not even dating anyone. I am scared that when he decides to leave home I have no idea where I will live. I live in subsidized housing. My rent is based on my income and I have never recieved child support in 14 years. It is very expensive to live in the area I live in without the help I currently get. I do work but my earnings are not enough to make it on my own. I pray I will be in a better situation in a couple of years and that by then I will have options. Your story gives me hope that maybe some doors will open up for me too in the future. See once my son leaves home, I want him to go to college then I will have to move somewhere else and will no longer qualify for any help. I am very delighted to hear of your blessings!