A Mess of Them

i have schizoaffective disorder, which is sort of (best way i can see it being described) as like bipolar disorder with some of the psychotic/delusional features of schizophrenia. i also get severely depressed for long periods of time. i suspect i've got some form of ADD too (i can totally get lost in my own thoughts but i find it nearly impossible to concentrate on anything anyone ELSE wants me to do.) to some extent i'm not too concerned with the latter part - it may just be that the tasks i'm usually given to do in the kinds of jobs i do are incredibly boring and it's hard to keep a brain down that's got something better to think about (i do lots of art and write a lot and read a great deal.)

i think i also might have borderline personality disorder, since when i get close to someone i can become pretty difficult and needy, but since i'm kind of on my own now i haven't noticed that in recent years. (one psychiatrist said yes to that one given my description, the other said no.)

o yeah, i also have sexual aversion disorder, and i find i just can't feel or do anything sexual. mentally i see nothing wrong with it, but just something in me doesn't want it. i witnessed some rather disturbing scenes of sexual violence in real life at a young age. 

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1 Response Mar 1, 2009

I can relate with your schizoaffective but I didn't screen for that. I took this LONG and grueling 7 hours test (ink blots and all) that didn't show schizoaffective. <br />
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What I have is a brief reactive psychosis. When you only have schizotpy type things happen under extreme stress or mania. So I wasn't ever diagnosed with schizophrenia.