I Am 58 And Have Multiple Myeloma

I was just diagnosed and am a bit scrared..I don't know what to expect.  I believe I'm in the earlier stages....no problems with my bones yet.
I would like to  hear from others that have this disease and see how you are handling it!
I really am mafraid of the chemo...and so far am doing an all natural alternative....how are others handling it?
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Howdy partners, no I am not a cowboy, it just seemed fitting that we mm patience are partners. I have had mm for 5 hears. I had a transplant in the summer of 08. I have been on Thalidomide, Revlimid, Dexamethasone, and Velcade. Currently on Rev, Vel, and Dex. I should be having my 2nd auto-transplant this coming December.
1.5 years ago, I said, "I am never taking chemo again." I tried the naturopathic route-without any help other than books and the Internet. But, last April I was having complications with aches and pains, and I got scared, went back to Doc, and found my IGG levels way up to 8600, I went BACK on chemo and my current levels are at 2100.
Not to say the natural method does not work. I had no help, and other than being on a very strict diet, no dairy products, mostly raw greens, some supplements, and avoiding acidic foods per the "Ph Miracle Diet", I lost a ton of weight. I went from 160 to 128, I was skin and bones, and it was not pretty.
There is so much to do with attitude and faith in God, or your own faith. I also fell in love and she gave me a reason to live, if you will. 2.5 years ago I went thru an ugly divorce, of 22 years. After 2 years of avoiding relationships and telling myself that I would never date or have relationship again, I found that I DO NOT want to be alone. I have love to share, and I need to be loved by a significant other, AND not all women are like my nasty ex-wife- tee he.
Faith, hope and love,,, that is the secret.
Peace and Blessings,

Hi name is Bill and I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma may of 2001. This is a very serious disease. I received chemo therapy about seven months. And had a stem cell transplant at the Hospital. I think that a stem cell transplant is a good idea. Usually the survival rate for multiple myeloma is a bout 50% in five years when receiving a stem cell transplant. In 10 years the survival rate is a bout 10%. With without the stem cell transplant the survival rate is less. Wish you luck in the future and God bless you. There is always hope through God.

Hi my name is Kathy and I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma Aug. of 2010. I had never heard of it before so i had no idea what to expect. I went thru 4 rounds of chemo called Velcade infusion and an oral chemo called Revlimid. This prepared me for a stem cell transplant I had in Jan. of 2011. Since I have had to get all of my childhood vacinations which has been very challenging. I feel very fatigued especially since I work on a very demanding assembly line that is very hot too. My faith in God, good family, friends and doctors has seen me thru. I'm pondering on the idea of trying to get my disability started. If anyone has any advice for me in this area it would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you are doing well. My dad had mm. my best advise is.. enjoy life, family, do all you wanted to do and never had the time etc. have a very strong faith in God, find his pace and his love, and retire as soon as possible so you don't have to deal with work, enjoy life the most you can be happy. Only God knows why we have to go thru all this but you're not alone God is with you always. May God heal all people with cancer.