My First Mind-blowing Multiple ******

I'll admit it, I started having sex early. Starting in the summer between 6th and 7th grade, my encounters with girls would usually be somewhat short 20 to 30 minute "sport *****" where I would *** only once after about 10 minutes and she would too but usually a couple times. Then back to whatever we were doing. But then my first year in college I went to a resort in the Caribbean with a group of friends and my new girlfriend. I knew she was a little freaky an different but I had no idea. The second night we got blind stinkin drunk and did the usual drunk ******* before passing out for the night. But I woke up to find I was tied to the bed with really good handcuffs on my wrists and some type of purple and white mountain climbing rope on my ankles. I was like WTF? Then she fed me some mango and started giving me head. I thought, ok, not so bad I kinda like this. The sex went on for hours with just a few very short breaks and no food. She let me loose for a bathroom break then leashed back to the bed and I liked it! By the middle of the next day I was starting to stink from all the sex and sweating but it just turned her on more an more. And then it happened, I went off while she was riding and very unexpectedly she choked me while continuing to ride harder and harder. At first it scared me but then after like maybe 15 looong seconds I came again an it was mind blowing. Every muscle in my body quivered and ached like only my **** used to. She let go, I caught my breath and begged for more. My whole body was throbbing and tingling just like my **** does. It was amazing. After that for the rest of the two weeks it got to the point where she didn't have to choke my for it to happen. Now I can have 7 or 8 every hour. I was bragging to my friends and the guys didn't believe me an still don't think I can have multiple *******. Women love it too. Is this normal? I'm straight but I'm wondering if other guys have similar experience.
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i have had 25 at a time, even 60 in a row, and i have given them to 3's awesome! all in the mind, man.

"After that for the rest of the two weeks it got to the point where she didn't have to choke my for it to happen" I was worried when I read about the choking before I got to this sentence. If you're really telling the truth you should come up with something special for your freaky girlfriend, because she made you an amazing gift :)

LOL yep I know right she get to ride this anytime she want no matter what. Think I could do it the whole time she just help me discover it. But I still like her to choke me occasionally but not very often. I too scared to choke her an wont do it yet even if she want me to.