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If you have read my previous stories you will know that my boyfriend has MPD. But I need help ASAP! You see, I am only the girlfriend, so I only have an outside point of view, so I need help from someone who has MPD or a LOT of experience with it..
I know this is wrong of me but I blame him. I blame him for having sex with another girl, but he says it was one of the other personalities and he had no control over it. This happened a few months ago & I tried to understand & forget it but I cant! This girl was, WAS, a very close friend. I know its wrong of me but I feel like I need someone to blame, & its the same body so he had to have some say? Be "awake" during it, at lest a little to the point he knew what was happening, but didn't stop it? I don't know, the whole thought & sadness has just been over taking my entire emotions recently..
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mpd also known as Dissociative identity is something that can not be faked. The person can't help it when their other personalities come out. They normally use the other personalities as a way out of life from pain endured in their life. They have done it so much that they can't stop. So its linked to traumatizing events in their life. normally abuse. I think my ex boyfriend had something similar but, i know for fact its not mpd b/c he doesnt change his voice and doesn't prefer different names. my ex takes on other's characteristics..he basically copies others without knowing...and its more then them rubbing off.

if the core person (main person) is weak then his alters can take over and do anything without the cores knowledge that is called blocking. they can block him so he is not aware of what is going on at the time. ask him to go get help, his core needs to become stronger and he needs help to cope and heal from past trauma...this is alot to take on for you at such a young age, you sure you want to do that?
praying for you both

I have MPD, but I'm not the one who controls when my alters come out. My strongest alter regulates who comes out and when because I'm too stressed most of the time. But I (being the weak "host" I am) can take control whenever I want. Now, about your boyfriend. He may not be able to remember what his alters do, but his alters will. My friend and I both are able to "see" while our alters come out, but he may not be able to. It could just be an excuse for a bad relationship. He might just want to see other people. Be positive, but don't get your hopes up. Confront him about his MPD and ask him if he can "see" when his alters come out.
Best of luck!
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Split Personalities can be major ******** towards people. If your boyfriend is aware of what is going on, he should have control over his splits, other than that he may be a weak baby and probably just lets them do what they want just so he can have sex with other women and then use it as an excuse, "my split did it, not me". <br />
<br />
I have suffered from being taken over before and sometimes I would use my split personality as an excuse because honestly I was unhappy with my relationship. Or I just let my splits come out so I wouldn't have to deal with my boyfriend (who has been my ex for a while now) complaining and being emotional all the time. I didn't find it hard at all controlling my spirits and taming them.<br />
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I would advise you to put your foot down and say you're not gonna take the crap anymore because sooner or later it's gonna hit you hard psychologically. My first boyfriend is corrupted deeply from all the torment he got from my splits. Nevertheless my splits didn't like him at all though. =/

It does sound that way as rickibrat2 says..

sounds like he is useing an illness for an excuse walk away now

Do you have experiences with MPD?...

yes i am

or was


Alters are made from tense, stressful situations. Coming to terms (coping) with what caused the alter to 'became alive' merges the main personality with the alter.

vey true they can be merged back in to a point

I've never had any lucky concerning this though. I suppose it comes from a habit of hiding from everything..

mine took about 2 years to get to merge back into one
while rhey are still all there they act as one except for one, and it was decide he could stay they way he is due to what he holds

but many people just use it as an excuse to do things like cheat

I suffer from DID, (the official acronym) but I haven't had an experience where a personality overtook me COMPLETLEY. Part of my conciousness has always been in the backround. So, what I'm saying is that him a whole knew it the entire time, but some other counterpart, lust maybe, had more control. He should have been able to stop himself. Which he didn't. So basically, he's telling a half-truth.

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