Drastic Changes.

Alright here are my 3 main personalities.

Animalistic/ Nature: I want to be outside or listen to nice music like Secondhand Serenade music and draw feathers and such. I'm nice to myself and others. This usually comes when I do something new that I like or meet someone new that I like or draw something really good (who knows why that last one xD).

Purely Evil: I can get twisted and demented and psychotic. I like watching videos on bestgore.com and listening to evil dubstep like Silent Hill dubstep remixes. Usually comes along when I get in an argument with someone.

In the middle: I'll want to actually keep my brown hair and not want it black and evil, but I don't like people messing with me. I am usually really hyper and tell dirty jokes and embarass my friends in the halls. And if someone I don't like is around me I won't care how they respond but I'm gonna tell them to go away and continue with my happy side.

Right now I am the first one. I usually get poetic or something.... ah well. Well, that's my 3 personalities.
MusicWolf MusicWolf
13-15, F
Oct 30, 2012