My Alters

There's this thing me and my alters like to do it's kind of like a diary entry.. everyday we write down the things we did starting from the minute we woke up to the minute we went to sleep. It is very fun to read when the entry is finished.. you will notice each alters diffrent handwriting grammar and events based on who they are.. I figured we could do the same basic thing to introduce ourselves. There are 5 of us I am.. zakaria(or zairenn) zak for short.. I am the main alter.. because I was born first.. when Jess.. the host was a young boy... his parents were very violent towards eachother.. and he needed someone to protect him.. sheild him from the trauma and violence.. to stand up against bullies and other troubles in his life.. afterall he didn't have many friends.. we are the same age.. I am his best friend.. his protect.. I keep him safe.. I am also his laid back.. relax alter.. I know how to keep my cool.. and seeing as he had few friends.. I did everything in my power.. to strengthen this body.. to apeal to more people.. make him cooler in a sense.. he is my best friend and I'm glad to be here protecting him.. thank you for hearing me.. now I will let you speak to Adum. My name is Adum. I am, well I wouldn't know how to explain this. Let's just say I'm the shy one. Umm I'm also the intelligent one. Being called stupid most of his life by his father and others. Jess needed a way to prove he truely was not stupid, or retarded, soon after I was born or created.I am a year older than zak an Jess People picked on him for being too intelligent, expecting too much. Putting pressure on that slowly led me to hide from the public eye, letting zak take control. Afterall everyone likes the cool guy and not the crybaby shy little nerd. I enjoy my presence here among the host and feel as though I am welcome by all of them. Ooooh so no one's gonna introduce me? Thanks boys really nice.. ugh men.. anyway. I'm Zoey, unfortunately zak's twin sister.. much more mature I might add. He forgets to mention how much of a perv he is.. girls don't be fooled by his charm my brother is a loser.. anyways I'm zoey as I mention I'm 17 almost 18 hard to explain why I am the only girl.. but I guess he needed to open up a femine side. Glad I'm here. I have lots of fun. And do my best to keep the boys out of trouble after all they like to mess with girls heads.. zak has a history of being a serious lying cheater.. and I don't like seeing them treat good beautiful girls like that.. I am lesbians Btw.. well I assume you won't like to speak to that ******* now huh?.. well Immadred.. you're up. Thanks alot for calling me an ******* you stupid ******* *****. Well as mentioned I'm Immadred the one set off by anger.. or in other words the ******* I am the oldest of all the alters considering my current age reaches numbers unimaginable by pathetic humans such as yourselves... I say pathetic humans because I unlike you am not human I am a demon soul sent to protect those dear to Jess and harm those that harm or anger him. Don't catch me in a bad mood it's the last thing you wanna do.. I will **** you up without any regret. I don't see the world often but when I do beware. Why in the world am I wasting my time adressing scum with my life story..go away..... I... I.. well.. I'm Jess.. the host... I guess I could.. also be considered an alter....... zak is more active..... he's... gotta keep me safe.... I'm too... depressed and weak to carry this body... I'm suprised I possess. The... energy to speak to you... I need to go rest.. afterall. Zak says my head is a mess and he has to clean it before I can take it back... goodnight..
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If you have some time we would like to talk

You all seem so interesting, I would love to talk to understand you all.