So my psychiatrist told me I should keep a journal for me and my alters, during the school year. It's basically for me, or my alters whenever they are in control, to write in. Such as what we feel, how are things, etc. So I replied to her saying, "so like a diary?", and she replied yes but for boys. I'm not sure whether I should do this or not. What do you guys think?
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This is very good advise and have suggested it to many of the people on EP that I have friended over the years and it has proved to be very helpful. Some personalities may be too young to write but they like to draw pictures and others make good use of it and for those people who loose time when others are out, it helps for them to catch up with who was out and what they did. It helps if they write their name and age too.

Many of us, and the people who help us, find this very helpful. It's even better if the one who holds the anger doesn't rip out the pages the others have written. Sigh.