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im new to this site for i figured id just post something simple to intro myself i guess.

theres two of me. one male(mark) and one female(roach). i dont lose laps of time when roach is "out" or "in control" or how ever you wish to refer to it. we talk to each other all the time and to be perfectly honest i kind of like it. we go together like a fish and water. i protect her and she teaches me patience. i dont lose laps of time because i can see n hear everything thats going on when shes out. its kind of like watching a hockey game on tv. you can see n hear but you can make the team play any better. im starting therapy on tues but thats mostly for other things considering roach n i have a decent relationship.

well i have no idea what else i should say sooo ... yeah
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that very well could be the reason we balance so well. who knows.

anyway thanks for sharing and welcome to the site!

Wow, that's extremely interesting! I'm not very knowledgeable on multiple personality disorder. But I'm intrigued by the manner in which you have a sort of harmony between the two of you. Also the fact that one of you is male and the other female. Maybe that's how harmony works, the balance of life.

I remember reading this before I joined. Our situations are very similar. I wish there was some kind of chat room. I was thinking about making one for people to be open(more about having split personalities or being one).