Brief Life Story

i am currently a49 year old female. i have always been "different" quiet shy stay to myself untrusting and gullible. my childhood was not your average childhood i grew up being molested by my father and two older brothers, not all at the same time at different times in my life. my memory of "splitting" is when i was 5, i was outside my body looking and what was being done to her. i do believe that is where we began. we lay dormant until the age of 30 and going thru a stressful divorce.
in the beginning we were unaware of each other and when we did become aware we fought each other for control, but that was then, now we get along fairly well and we try to make life manageable without being noticed. is there a chance that we can meld into one or stay as we are. there is no cure right?
I'm not sure what all to write but i guess this is a beginning. thanks for listening
meacacke meacacke
1 Response Aug 2, 2010

Hi Meacacke,<br />
<br />
What a brave thing to do by telling your story.<br />
I am so sorry about what happened to you in your life. So glad you were able to get to this place of being open about where u are right now.<br />
I would like to always be here to listen when you need a friend who really understands about mpd and just how difficult it can be.<br />
If you have any questions I would be honest and answer to the best of my ability.<br />
I have had 13yrs of experience with my best friend who is mpd and has alot of personalities and sat in threapy with her often and work with her threapist as how best to help her.<br />
Haveing said that each case is different and I would just like to be here as a support and friend for you.<br />
Hope you have a lovely day.