A Tru Story

i dont knw wether its true but since it happnd to me i feel ter is sum truth in the theory of multilpe personality..... tis is abt  me wat is happeng is to me and its tru i am on the fabber end of break down....me a 37 yrs old female livea a nice happy life theres no knowledge of any kind of abuse by anyone  in the family or outside the family ... infact i  was a star in the eys of my dad ... he was my treasure .... the child hood was happy  and peace full i am a person who is at peace at all times..... a happy go lucky out look normally liked and loved by everyone ard ... ready to help frnds and ...make ppl ard me happy... married to the most loving hus any body cud ask for ... life was gr8 till say 5 yrs after marriage .. t ill tan ters were no traces of any disorder in me ...  tan i was introduced to the world of windows were u meet diff ppl ..... it was tan that i realized that i am a gr8 story teller ... thje story teller in me started takg shape.... she at times wud be so dominant that ,,, the tru me has no control of my self .. the story teller( s)...ppl used to get hooked on to the story that i wud form it was kind of aderaline flowing ...i started takg to the person who was hooked on to the story and i wud get fully converted into the other person ...... tat time no guilt ntg becozz i was pacify thinkg that its nt the real me its the other person tellg a story and the nxt person listeng to the story.. there was no dreath of stories it cud be made up any time ... the person....cud be just deleted frm my contact any time....mind u talkgv to a person who is not ur hus band is considered a crime in our society..... but evn thou i knw its wrong i hv done it on and off...... knowg fully aware tat the person i am talkg is noot at all imp in my life but still the itch used to be ter on and offf... u need to tell me is tis watu cal MPD... guys plzzz help.... do comment
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

I really don't know about that, But the stories I have read till now, mostly, The people in 30's are experiencing this, so this could be MPD, But I'm not sure, Do consult a therapist or doctor who's a specialist in MPD.