The Introduction

This living FEMALE body, has 4 living personalities in it.
There are 3 MALE personalities and recently 1 child, who is also a MALE.
There is 1 set of MALE twins.
There is 1 child of age 8 years of old.
The first is Giley. He owns the body. He owns a Chemical Lab He is a paint CHEMIST, works for HAS MAT at times and is also a GOREAN MASTER.
The next in line, comes Jeremiah. He knows nothing about chemicals or Has mat subjects, His job within the body, is to act as a Liaison.He helps the rest solves problems with in the personalities of the body. He also is a GOREAN MASTER and he masters in slave and submissive teachings and punishment.
The next is Erick Shawn, Erick and Jeremiah are twins. Jeremiah came first, and than Erick, Erick, is the one who most DO NOT want to meet! He is very nasty and finishes fights and things that go wrong. He may come out at any time, but he usually does not come out just to chit chat....He is also a GOREAN MASTER.
And finally, we have the little one. He is Giley as a young child. This child went through hell living his life until the age of 12 in a basement cellar of his home. He was sexually abused by our father and used as a naked sex toy by father and his friends.

As a rule, Giley is the one, who is out the most, but these days, it is Master Jeremiah who is running the body as Giley has been ill. Most of the time, all of them get along pretty well, but if there is a upset in the body, they can be heard by anyone who is " OUTSIDE " the body yelling and swearing at each other. This can be VERY INTERESTING for anyone who does not know about Multi Personalities. To make things more interesting, the 3 adults speak a Gorean language that sounds very strange to anyone else who is not Gorean. The little one, also speaks it, but does not argue because he would be punished as children do not argue with adults here.

This is just a birds eye view of the family who is outside and inside the body. We really do love each other, and many times in the past, we were all that we had, so we really do understand what a blessing a real family can be.....

 God bless all of you who have Multi Personalities and with PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING :
                MASTER GILEY   cheeky
                MASTER JEREMIAHindecision
                MASTER ERICK SHAWN   angry
                LITTLE ONE { Giley }    blush     
56-60, T
2 Responses Sep 3, 2010

I can only try to imagine how "interesting" that must be if they all disagree..<br />
Thank you for sharing and giving me something new to think about!<br />
<br />
Looking forward to reading your other stories.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you!<br />
<br />

Thank you for sharing this for all of us on EP to read, Master Giley. Yours is indeed a fascinating system, Sir, and one we all enjoy--as you know by now!! I am presently working on my own story to post here, Sir, and hope that the many other Multiples on EP will share their stories also. Palms Up, Sir!