Another Adorable Introduction

I'm Stephie.  I'm the resident adorable one.  I live all over the head because I live in a closet.  It's a very BIG closet, but it looks small from the outside.  I've got two hammocks in it and a bunch of huge floor pillows.  I can put my closet in any other closets in the other houses, so sometimes I stay with Cass, other times I stay with other people, it just depends on who I want to be around at that exact moment.  You met Cass last night and I think maybe Noel.  So now you get to meet me.  Isn't that nice?  I'm kind of bummed that they don't let you chance the color of your font.  Usually I'm purple, but I can't be purple out here, its sad.  Someone should fix that.

I am the primary.  I was born with this body without everyone else but I'm very glad that I have them with me now.  They are a gift that I personally couldn't picture living without.  We're different than most multiples because there's quite a few of us who are into BDSM.   For those of you who don't know what that is, I'll let you look it up on your own.  Most of us are submissive, but we do have a couple who like to top on occasion.  I'm not one of them. I'm pure submissive all the way.  My 1st (whom I called Sir) wasn't a very nice man.  A lot of my friends up here were created out of the traumas that he inflicted on a daily basis.  In essence, I couldn't handle it anymore, I split someone who could.

I guess i'm the oddest one because I .. well, I'm weird.  My job in the head right now is to help noel when she needs it.  I just got a job, so now Noel has one and so do I and of course, I'm the resident snuggler.  I spend most of the day snuggling with whoever's around me while I work and if someone is mad, Its my job to sit on thier lap until they aren't mad anymore.  That's my most favorite job, to snuggle.  it may not seem important to many people, but its very important to me.  It's a way to show someone you love them and I like loving people.

I get scared pretty easily and sometimes I have trouble understanding what people mean when they say stuff.  What I was taught seems to be different than what other people were taught, it can become very frustrating.  For example, I was taught that a shrug meant the person doesn't care enough to answer.  I've recently been told that on rare occasions it might mean that, but more often than naught, a shrug is just saying I dont' know.    Go figure huh?

I'm one of the people with a food complex.  I'm positive we're fat and while I'd like to starve the fat off us, I'm told I can't.  So, I just am not the one to eat unless I'm made to.  I'm not allowed to weigh myself either or look in a mirror.  It'll make me a bit nutty.  Brandi's in charge of eating right now.  The task of feeding the body gets switched so often, its hard to keep track of whose turn it is.

I'm also a cutter, another side affect of Sir.  It's been quite awhile  since I've cut, although sometimes the urge is still there.  When days like that hit, I usually attach myself to one of the men because they can stop me from doing it with just a look or a word.  I don't come out very often, I don't actually like being out here, I'd prefer to stay inside all day but I can't.

I suppose my best quality is that I always give the benefit of the doubt with people.  Strangers are treated like my best friend and best friends are treated like family.  My worst quality is that I have very low self esteem.  I constantly have to ask people if they love me because its rare that I think I'm worthy of being loved.  I don't beleive I can do anything right, in fact I've been told I can't so I suppose it must be true huh?  Oh, and I do like to shop, although I've been banned from it.

Well, that's me in a nutshell.  i'm sure that as time passes, you'll get more info from me.  Have a great day!
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2010

Thank u so much for telling us about yourself, u sound like a very nice person.<br />
A bit of baggage to deal with but who in this life hasn't got things to deal with. I hope u come out again and talk to us.

o,O you sound a lot like myself.. scary..