A Tortured Soul

I was bruttally raped by a family memeber when i was very young. about six. that is when my mind fractured. ever since then ive been shutg off to the world hiding in myself wishing that the voices would go away. i lived in fear for 9 years ubtill my girlfriend rescued me. she has mpd too and now we are married. i count myself amongthe lucky ones.  the hardest part for me was getting along well with myselves. one of them was a huge *******. but we make it work. i love my life and you should to, dont give up. live for yourself and fro others
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1 Response May 29, 2011

Yeah, life isn't easy but it sure can be fun at times. I have a hierarchy in my head. i am the leader and i have 8 people other than me who serve different purposes. at first we had to communicate by leaving notes for each other. but as time went on we became able to converse in our head. after that life became much smoother. As the leader in my mind i have the ability to create or destroy my other personalities. though when working together the others have enough power to overthrow me. i know this sounds fantastical but remember this is all mental. its limits are only defined by what you can imagine. once i realized this life got interesting. I constructed a "house" in my head in which we all live. we each have our rooms and a common area to converse in. i cope with the difficulty by making the rule that there is no fighting for control in our head. everyone can have x amount of time per day. although people trade time for different things. Like a common trade is "ill trade 1 hour with you for 30 minutes with our girlfriend" or something along those lines. any other questions or would you like me to clarify anything?