Please Help.....???? Mpd Or Rebellious?

I don't know whats wrong with me. i generally am a cheerful happy girl and just love my brother especially and all my friends and family.
i can't bear to think about anything horrible about them. i cry when a mouse dies and that day i cried because an ant died!!
                                 On the other hand, i seem to have a violent side too. for instance, i hit out at my brother because he was being naughty. Sisters slap them at the most. But i got on top of him and almost choked him. there are scars around his neck made by my fingernails. Again without proper reason, i said insolent things to my friend in hot temper and in the next minute broke down completely. In school, just because i had a minor fight with my friend and at home i punched my housemaid quite impulsively. before i knew i did it, it was over and she was bruised and crying. in a few minutes i calmed down and shut myself up in a room, bewildered. I mean, I am rebellious to certain extent, but i don't hit out and making people cry is not what i am capable of. there are also many other instances that leave my friend quite shocked, the things i say the way i behave. I can't understand anything. it is when they point it out, i try to change.
                                                   Is it MPD- if it is, my other part is very egoistic, violent and does not stop at anything. in fact one of my friends ended up asking me, "what happens to you?"
please help and clear my doubts.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Hello. My name is Krystal. I have MPD. Matter fact I have around 30 Personalities. If you have an extra personality as it seems you do but you arn't sure. Ask your family and friends to ask you to come back when you are getting a bit angry or agressive. They need to call you out by name. " I want to talk to ____ " or " Come back ______" I am the same as you I am a sensitive girl and I cant stand ant or anythign dying but I have a personality named Jade who is harsh and kinds violent and agressive. Don't worry. The more people you have supporting and willing to call to you to come back and be yourself the more you personality will want to emerge. They may even have a name. But remember you may just be an average girl with the tendency to get a little angry soemtimes. That is also normal.<br />
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Hope this helped.

Anytime ^^