Me And My Feline Sister

Um, hello. I have been meaning to do something like this, at the urge of my other personality. So, to get things started, my name is Conor, and my alter's name is Farel. I first really found out about her about a year ago, though she's been around for a lot longer. I'm an Air Force brat, so when it came to friends, I... never really had any, so I decided to have an imaginary friend and she kind of, well, stuck around. I used to always play by myself, switching between multiple characters in my imaginary adventures, and that's where she grew. While I worked my imagination, I tried to do female characters as well as males, and as I worked on my female characters, Farel took notes basically. Then came the outer body experiences; when I was little, these happened multiple times, often in times of emotion. There was one time, when I was young, when a ton of bugs had gotten into my garage and we threw a tiny party, and I saw myself dancing around moths and beetles, and I didn't feel any of the movements. It was like I didn't have control. Now, though, I realized it was just Farel playing with the bugs. Then, though, there was a more recent time, when I was on a junior hockey team and drama hit and I got into a fight. I fought like a bat out of hell, clawing and biting, and I was watching myself doing it. I wasn't in control. It wasn't until I was nearly nineteen that I started to realize there was someone else. I reached out a bit and found her. She was a bit shy, and afraid, but soon came around. I found out quite a bit about her, from her protectiveness over me and the fact she acts like a cat. She then met my girlfriend, and my gf was a bit hesitant of her, thinking that she was a serial killer or something, but now she actually counts her as, well, her own girlfriend, which is great by Farel since she's bisexual. She's very conscious about herself, though, and constantly doubts her own existence. However, it's obvious she's in my head. She constantly comes out and hangs with my gf, talking about Harrison Ford and Gerard Butler in ways that makes me shudder. Anyways, it's really cool to both of us that we could share our story with someone other than our girlfriend.
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Sounds almost like the Rott inside me. He's a part that was sectioned off of Jesse awhile back. The Rott is very dog like, he has his uber loveable side and his very mean side. I could never understand why for years I would have urges to lay stretched out on my side like a dog, legs and arms straight out. I would have days of wanting to do nothing but lay in the sun beams on the carpet. Some days I would tell my husband that I had these intense urges to start chewing on the wall or a rubber dog toy. My husband just laughed it off, but the urges were making me whine inside. I talked to a childhood friend who mentioned that I was always chewing on pencil ends or other random ob<x>jects. Milkbones don't taste bad to me and dog food smells fantastic some days.

AH HA! That's why! Sorry, but I always like and dislike eating fish, and you just made me realize why. There are times where I'm scouring the kitchen for can of tuna. I don't even like Salmon, but I eat it ravenously. Also, my girlfriend found the most excellent way to bring Farel out almost immediately; dangling a piece of string in my face.

Thenk uu. Nies ta mete uu.


Sorry, she's able to type, but not very well, though.

She sounds fantastic and much like my personality Jade.