Young With Mpd

So, I have recently discovered that I have MPD. I'm still very young, but I have always found that I can change mood and characteristics very quickly without realizing it. For example, in one lesson at school, I could be concentrating hard and planning well, next lesson I'm shouting out and jumping all over the place.  I have about 10 alters, a lively one, a lazy one, a shy one, a courageous one... the list goes on. I give them all names, and find I can talk to them collectively and can ask them if they want to switch with whoever's "out" at the moment. However, I feel I don't want to have therapy or anything like that, because I don't want them to go. I have always felt quite lonely at school, and my alters have helped me cope.

My mum is the only person I have told, and I don't know whether I'm ready to tell my best friend yet, as I'm not sure if we really are best friends. I've never had any abuse from my parents or anyone at all during childhood, in fact, I have generally been quite happy. Just the loneliness, and I have lost a teacher and am losing my grandma to cancer. 

Thanks for reading this, and any support is welcome. 
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You are still young and good that you told your Mom.<br />
As long as you are happy and it works for you just know that this is a site where people really do understand the condition of DID and having alters if you ever need to talk.