Kya!... Who Just Screamed?

I actually just found out. When I told people I had alter Egos, everyone thought I was being funny and it was my choice. It's not. Though it's kind of enjoyable at times, it's gotten my in trouble. My paranoid ego, CiCi, once yelled out at my very small art teacher once during "Oh my gosh why are you so short!?" A lot of people laughed, but my teacher gave me the most devilish face ever! I didn't get in to much trouble, but I didn't have a lot of fun labeling and sorting other classes folders.

Truthfully, it's almost like my life hasn't changed, knowing. Other than uncontrollable outbursts that are NOT my thoughts.

Here are the names of my egos.

Abatokalinqua- She is apparently from Venus and is curious about EVERYTHING

Misty- Shes spacey and doesn't make much sense when she even says anything

Ci-Ci- she is paranoid and constantly freaked out by anything she sees hears or feels (not so much smells or tastes)

Leila- she's really sweet and had and has an Australian accent but shes an airhead

Roxy- she says shes a mermaid, and shes kind of prissy and a liar but she always apologizes if she goes to far

Maria 'Sunshine'- shes evil. EVIL! she apparently loves seeing people in emotional pain and will do anything to win a convo (I hate what she says to my friends, even though they say they don't mind. She's the only one I ever have had any problems with)

(newst) Gi-Gi- its kind of weird how close that is to Ci-Ci o.o but Gi-Gi acts like a 4 year old, is oblivious to bad things and calls herself a 'suicidal giraffe' even though all she ever does close to suicide is poke my chest with a straw

That's it! None of them ever try to physically hurt others. Truth is, I don't mind the in my life.

EDIT: Um, I've realized something though. The majority of us are all awake at the same time, so I tend to argue with myself out-loud or on the keyboard. o.o does that mean I have something different? *confused face*
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I have the same thing if I am sharing control/open to my alter's wishes at the current moment. Like right now me and my protector Azare are both in control. We go back and forth in my head, sometimes out loud- and yes- sometimes on the keyboard.<br />
<br />
I wouldn't share your DID with a large amount of people because most people will probably just see you as someone who wants attention if your going around like "Look I have Multiple Personalitys!", I know that's probably not the case but that's how people seem to be these days. Its okay to share with people your close to and trust with that kinda of thing but I wouldn't go into work and be like, Guess what!? Just my thoughts on it. <br />
<br />
-Azare and Aurora.

Well, thank you for sharing, much appreciated. :) i totally get what you mean.

Oh! By the way, recently...rather two days ago, onr of my old, lost personalities has returned. Her name is Sami, and she agrees with almost everythin, just to be nice. She was my frist ego before I lost her. She was my original other half. ^_^

Wowie! Seems your personality was split and magnified! Heehee<br />
<br />
Would you like a cookie? TOO BAD! I AINT GOT ONE! teeheehee!

o.o.....uh.... im not sure who that was... either Sunshine or Roxy.... sorry.

I have something like this... KINDA. I named them as well! ^.^<br />
Brielle- like to fight, almost always angry, show-off.<br />
Lucerna- shy, quiet, all my indigo attributes.<br />
Kathryn- loves science, math, and science projects.<br />
Ashley- writer, artist, and otaku<br />
I don't have as many, but they all fight around for space inside my head. >.< surprisingly, Brielle usually loses. ;)

And... Leila said she would like a word...hold on...<br />
<br />
Hallo people of America! And , well I guess other countries! As my host has mentioned i'm Leila! I wanted to say hallo! I heard Kimi think about me so I wanted to say that i'm happy here to! Oh, and what does airhead do? Do they suck in air and make it blow their head up? I don't think I can do that... but that sounds swell! :D<br />
<br />
...My name is not Kimi btw. I don't know why she keeps calling me Kimi -_-

Thank you for help me not feel alone
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