Little Alters

Lately my littlest alters have been showing up up to 10 or more times a day... triggered by the time of year... every year I have a lot of trouble keeping it together the last week or two of October... I know why this is and I have night terrors at night over it.

But this year little 4, and  8, have been out more than not... I have actually been losing hours of this which has not happened in a very very long time. Hubby said it is better that they are out as the teen  14, would be reaching for a bottle and since we are legally able to buy it now it would not be good. But I feel bad for hubby having to tuck them in at night cause they are afraid..even though he has never minded... it didn't happen as frequent as it does now...

It is so outta control that a puppy on a commercial triggered 4 cause I heard her say "I want one" before I lost yet another 2 hours...

I hope that when October is over everyone settles down again... I am not holding my breath though cause ya never know do you? But I know this year I am gonna be buying some new stuffed friends for them and maybe even a colorbook or two... just in case.

I just wish the switching wasn't so fast it causes quite a headache.

then names have recently been removed to protect the system.

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Hi elderwitch47,
So sorry you going through such a difficult time as I can relate.
I have spent the whole month of Oct with my friend who has DID because bad month for her and especially this last week. Been going to therapy with her and dealing with the littles and waking her up at night to get out of the bad flashbacks. She has to work next day fortunately works from home. Stuffies and colouring books are a very good idea because they little and easily distracted if you hubby makes it fun. They have only known hurt and to see them smile for the first time is worth more than gold. I send you warm thoughts and much healing and may today be a happy one for all of you.

thank you for your kindness... I am sending healing energy to you so that it may pass on to your friend... Thankfully October has passed and I hope She only has good things to look forward to. She is very Blessed to have an understanding friend such as yourself in her life...and I do believe that showing the littles that there are kind caring people help in their and ultimate the adults healing.

I have 3 personalities that developed as a todler. Juanita is the protector of my feelings, heartaches, pains and fears. She is aggressive and almost evil towards those who pose a threat to me. My hubby sees her quite often. The little girl is very shy, scared and isolated and refuses to reveal her name. She stayed hidden up until 8 years ago when she met my hubby & trusted him. That's when she revealed herself. She is very sweet & loving towards him, she just won't stay out for long periods. I keep headaches due to Juanita constantly coming out alot through out the day, every day. I'm just scared to get treatment in fear they will be run out. There goes my protector & the little girl who needs the love of my hubby, whom she thinks is daddy. I have (PTSD), anxiety & heart palpitations. My family & the abuse for 15 yrs is the cause of these personalities. I have amnesia when switching & argue about events that I feel never took place. Prayers for all of us.

I am sorry you keep having headaches so often.. it makes it very hard to deal day to day... I am so glad you have a loving supportive Hubby who understands your little one and that she feels safe with him.

If you decide on therapy they can not make you have them disappear... or run them may help you communicate better with them so less headaches maybe and anxiety... the amnesia is from lack of communication with Juanita and the others... but do what you feel you need to do... to make your system work with you... Hugs.

Well said and I agree with everything you say here as each one needs to voice what they have been through and get understanding and healing. They never had a voice befor but..... all at a pace everyone is comfortable with.

Elderwitch is right. A therapist can't make any of the others go away. If they or needed and wanted or both they will be there. It's nice that the little has someone she sees as a good daddy. The headaches will lessen when you have more cooperation with your alters/others and so will the memory loss. Perhaps you could get them to write down what they do when their out.

it could still be migraines with depends on the sx is all I got both but with mirgraine I have sensitvity to light and sound and get nausea or even throw up...with switching it is a kinda of compression of the brain very painful and I get anxiety as well.

Yes, indeed. And all this time they have been telling me that they were "just" migraines.
I hope it all works out for you.