I Am Amazed

Whenever i think of what soul shattering abuse it took to totally spilt a personality I am amazed by the sweet loving alters I have met in this group... even though we have survived hell and back we all came out with caring kind child alters...

I do have some bad/mean alters but I think they represent the abusers not me... and some are just scary shadows afraid to come out in the light... but all my children alters from 2, to 8 are so sweet and helpful even when they are scaried they ask if it is ok if hubby is alright? If he needs a hug? They are very polite and ask even before getting a bowl of cereal for snack time...

I like my child alters and try to let them watch cartoons or sleep with a teddy if they have too... I think it is my responsiblity to take care of them now and show them the love they never got before.

Paul 28 one of elder's alters
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My husband recently told me that he has multiple personalities and is furious at me because I confided in a friend....I had no one else to talk to and was in shock.

Now, this friend has told other people and my husband blames me for not keeping his secret. I´m beside myself with sorrow. I don´t know what to do. I keep telling him how sorry I am and how much I love him. He is in therapy. What can I do? I think he wants to keep it secret because he doesn´t want to be this way and doesn´t like himself. When he´s not upset like this he is normally a very sweet gentle person. New alters have been appearing in the last couple of months. We have been married for 18 years and have a teenage daughter who totally accepts him and was the one that noticed his personalities. One of them is a teenage girl. I´m so frightened right now, because he doesn´t trust me and is very angry with me.

I have 18 alters, the newest came out for the first time yesterday. My little ones has been dormant in my body for 12 years, and it's scaring me to see them now waking up. I'm currently battling a drug addiction, and probably had a head trauma from it over the weekend. It's stressful right now.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.

sorry you are going thur a rough time... but give yourself and the little ones time... they are not there to make your life worse they are their because they want to share the life with you... make room for them and just like outer children they need structure and rules to make them feel safe...but they also need cuddles and soft things so they no the world can be soft...
Good luck and take care...if you need me i am just a chat away.

wow 28 !!! I thought my wife had many altars. she has at least ten that I have met and others I don't know about but have been told. Here to listen if you need a hand !!

not 28 that is the age of that altar... here to listen if you want to chat... and am so glad your wife has an understanding hubby. Hugs!

One of my alters is 6 or so. Not completely sure the exact age with her. She's only ever comes out when shes playing with the little ones at family events, but only when it's okay with me and the other alters. She is very sweet and I am told she speaks in third person. She is very kind and loving. She is the only little one in my group. And by far the kindest. And I have also been told she sucks on her pinky. She is my happiness.

i am glad you can accept her for the sweet child she is...hugs to her and you.

like I am for elderwitch I am Here to listen if you need a hand !!

I am here for you too hon...if ever you want to chat Hugs!

yes I am amazed with mine. Mines used to show up every night before I went to bed and I finally asked her what she wanted because it was frequent and she said she wanted a hug or kiss good night before she went to bed. aww how cute, I am amazed how simple her needs are. she comes out occasionally to experience good emotions or when someone else is feeling bad she comes out to comfort them and sometimes she even omes out to comfort me. If I am having flash backs or whatever she will come out wanting to play with me. and I just learned recently that my alters also went to spend time with me and will get jealous if I do not spend regular time with them. they want to chat with me, watch tv with me and etc. it is hard to make time for all of them lol

yes lately my 4yr old will come out to have a poptart for snack each night...if i forget she will come downstairs and tell hubby that is why she is up...they also like to watch cartoons "Curious George" is a favorite...and lately I have set up games on facebook just for some of the older ones to play. I found if I let them have some time they usually don't interfere too much if I need to an adult ...we are like one big happy family.

lucky you.. guess it helps to have a husband? There is a guy who wants to marry me someday should I do it? m angry alter doesn't let me get close to guys and is very picky with males. only some certain males make her feel comfortable or less threatned. I may do better with my alters if I was married ?

all i can say is if he knows about DID and accepts whoever is out then there is a good chance they accept him also... if he don't then he don't know the real you and ya need to let him decide after he does...

marriage under the best of times can be a stressor...so be careful... and make sure he knows when your little ones are around so they don't get into adult situations...but as i read above you seem to have a handle on that quite well...Best of luck sweetie.

I am glad u r all one big happy family that is great. Ad yea marriage can be a stressor I guess everything in life can be. Blah...he does seem to accept all of them except the angry one and the lesbian one lol. They both make him uncomfortable.

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That is so sweet. Child alters are very loving. All they want is acceptance and to be loved. They do try so hard to please. I loved all my hubby's alters. They are newly integrated and I do miss them bunches.

I am so proud of your hubby that took allot of hard work on his part and yours... but I bet you still see glimpses of them in smile or turn of the head.

Thanks it's a work in progress and yes I do still see them.

<p>I love your attitude towards your littles, yes everyones child alters are adorable and went through such alot. My friends littles are so cute and so polite and when we went to London from Africa on a holliday they would come out when we did fun things like the London Eye and toy shops etc. It gives us pleasure to see the smile on their little faces and bring joy in their lives where befor there was only sadness.</p>

Your friend is very lucky to have such an understanding woman in their life... I am sure that the little ones look up too you and enjoy the time together as much as you do... the trip sounds awesome...

they are hon... and I send em hugs :)

Yay for the little ones!!! I have been told that mine are cute. : P

I'm sure they are! one of my friends littles came out this w end and I was shopping and she said she would like an ice-cream so I bought us both a magnum that she chose but now she had the handbag and car keys. So she teased me that she could drive (6yrs) and I gentley took the keys from her and she just laughed and said she would go now and eat her icecream later. I luv her to bits.