Meet The Gang!

EMMA: Host. Horribly depressed, drowns herself in anime, manga, cosplay, etc.

ASHLEY: Creative and fun, Ashley loves sketching, writing fiction, and filming videos. Very hardworking and kind.

KIARA: Brains over brawn. Science fair, math, and problen solving are her ZONES! Aa sharp tongue but only speaks with logic.

LUCERNA: Magick, spirituality, ghosts. Kind aand gentle, but with a warrior spirit. Lucy only wants to help people. She actss like the "mom" of the group because she is the most mature.

KAT: Spotlight is on her. Drama, singing, musical theatre and acting are where she shines. Sarcasm is her first language.

DANA: Musically talented. She loves to play the piano and glockenspiel. Soft-spoken and shy.

BRIELLE: Headstrong and brave, Brielle loves a good fight. Speaks eith actions.

MAX: Brielle's twin sister. Loud and obnoxious, she has a potty-mouth and doesn't hesitate to insult.

Izzy: Funtimes, videogames, and guyfriends matter most. She is surprisingly good at CoD and MW.
Lucerna Lucerna
13-15, F
3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

You're personalities seem quiet nice, so are the ones here, I would love to talk to all of you.

I welcome messages from everyone, have a nice day :D

Awesome :) hope you have a nice day as well


ooh I feel so bad we use to comment all the time, and we've lost internet connection so many times we lost contact, welcome anyways. Hmm perhaps that why we're getting lonely and restless, hope to talk to you sometime.


Wait what?

?? your confusion confuses us. lol

Ohh! Okay. Yo comprendo. Yeah, I'd like to talk and meet y'all as well! ^_^¥

sounds good :P


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HI to you all and good to see what each of your functions are. Wow you have quite a system and hope you all work well together. Like any family with ups and downs but family still the same. If any or all of you ever need to chat about anything, I am here and would like to be of any help I can or just be a friend sorry if that word is a trigger let's just say a friendly person. Have a great day.

Thank you! ^_^ It took me a while to figure it all out... :D