Welcome To The Hotel.

I’m not sure if you would call this MPD or DID, but I know I live in a place with many different people.. Mentally..

My name is Jenffa and I own a hotel in this “mental” space where people come and stay for a while. I am the “original” owner of the body. I put that in quotation marks because I’m not entirely sure if that’s the truth. I have a belief that the first time I showed up and took over the body, I accidentally did away with the child that used to own it. I have no memories of childhood up until the age of 5, that’s why I saw that.

Anyway, so the main people that run my body when they get bored in the hotel or I get busy is: Setsuna, Samari, Rivara, Chasity, Loli, Molly, Sylvo, Jacob, Kare, Navy, Willow, Dagen, Jegs, Cage, Chita, Night, Aqua, Bell, Piper, Akemi, Lisa, Shura, Fatal, and a few others.
All of these people showed up over time, and that list isn’t even half of the people that live here. I have anywhere between 50-100 people or so that stay in the hotel at a time. Setsuna works as the front desk person who signs all the papers and keeps track of who is here and who isn’t. She also organizes things and hires people to do some jobs that we need to get done. In other words, she runs the hotel but I own it. There is a security guard we have that lives in the rafters, his name is Maskerade. That isn’t his real name but everyone calls him that because he always wears a mask. He also recently hired a second security guard named Lea. Lea watches the nightshift and Maskerade works the dayshift. Each of them spend their time watching monitors that are placed everywhere throughout the hotel so they can keep an eye on people. We also have doctors who help the women who are giving birth, people who get sick, surgeries and just about everything else. Due to a new rule we made, they also have to carry around an injection of Soporill which is a powerful anesthetic that puts people to sleep. This is just a safefoot incase one of our more dangerous visitors/residents have a moment. For example, we have a guy named Quartermaster who has moments where he flips and goes on a rampage where he destroys things and stabs stuff with his pocket knife (He also goes to therapy but it’s not much help..). We have a group of chefs that help make the food for everyone that is here. I have put in place a currency that visitors can exchange their foreign currency for so that they can have faster transactions.

It’s nice to finally be able to share this with some people… Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. One of us will answer.
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Wow you run a hotel in your space? That's so interesting, I have my kingdom. We also have many people in it and all my main friends are the ones who I talk to and keep as soldiers and medics.

Ahahaha! This is kinda like me, only I'm the "superintendent" on "The Avenue" .Everyone lives in apartments though! This is quite a system you have! Kiara is extremely impressed with the organization!!

Thanks a lot. I like it too though it's not that fun when you actually have to work. that apartment thing that you've got going on sounds pretty fun too.


Wow. I am at a loss for words but that seems really interesting. I am a writer in the making and maybe you could tell me more about your hotel? It would be amazing to write about given your permission.

I'd have to talk with some of the people who help run the place, we call it the "Council". I personally think it would be fun to talk to someone about this place, not sure how the others would feel about it though...


Okay thanks for your consideration. I hope they approve. :)

Hey, Jacob here. Maskeraid doesn't like the idea for whatever reason. Wilhelm and I could care less, Saints says "It's our story to tell, but I don't see any harm in it". Fox... isn't happy and Setsuna would want to make money off of it. Samari doesn't see why everyone else doesn't want to and thinks it would be fun for it to be made into a story. Navy doesn't trust anybody so she says no.. Xexas doesn't think it's a bad idea.. So in short...
We're kinda tied. - Jacob

wow that is an interesting set up, our original owner is who we call the queen, we live in Elaysia a very fantasy like take on our home, she's very creative, as she got better at seeing us she tried to make it more of a haven, and now it's much like an amusement park was thrown in the middle ages.


That sounds pretty fun! I bet your amusement park is safe unlike the one a guy brought here... It's basically just a suicide, death trap..

Heh, I'd love to hear more, people like to say its all made up, "how could all that be in your head." kind of like a writer....with all the trauma, anyways some of the stories we could tell hehehe, I'm thinking of leaving the number to the cell temporarily the phone has a block feature for any creeps..


I definitely agree with the kind of stories we could make. I'm currently working on one right now. -Jacob

Oh our host got a DS again finally it's so fun it's like everyone can take a peek and really spend time together.


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Your not the only one that feels that way, I don't have nearly that amount of people in my head for sure. But I am not always so sure I am the real 'Core' or Original mind that is supposed to be here. I have no memories of my life except what people tell me what happened to me. Its interesting to see I am not the only one that feels that way :)

I feel better hearing I'm not alone too. But the funny thing is, I have memories from before I came here.

Sounds very confusing, I hope you and the others are doing well though in life despite the challenges.

Yeah, a lot of us help each other out. Especially in some of our college courses. Like, Rivara is going to take my acting course. Chasity helps me out in Brit. Literature and Willow helps cook as does Dancer and a few others. We're like a huge family in the end.