We Want Conversation...

    I am going through all these stories and making a lot of comments, I think I am looking for conversation and more interaction with other people with alters like I do. This is really one of the few places in my life all of us in my head could flourish and actually get some human interaction.

     Anyone up for some conversation? I'm not really picky over what form that would be, be it text or this site, or perhaps a forum anyone knows of that's active? Let me know, I think my alter's feel lonely... I don't have anyone in real life they can really talk to right now.
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6 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I'm doing the same right now because I am finding so many people that have alters. Please feel free to talk to me when you want.

Loneliness is easily a captor to minds with too much upon them already. If you wanna chat you can message me, i'll answer whenever i'm on.

I know I get pretty lonely, as do my alters, conversation would be great, I don't have many people to talk to, I mean I work with almost all the people I talk to, never good to mix business with a "group" like mine -_- feel free to send a message if you like.

I know its better for me to not tell those around me... but yes its hard because I don't like lying to them. Thanks for taking a look~

no problem, sorry about the late reply we don't get days off very often.

My alters are always up for some kind of conversation and I'm sure they are never boring. :)

That would be wonderful, some of us are soo lonely up here since Aurora here doesn't really trust anyone in her offline life with this kinda thing. Probably for good reason...

Yes, that is exactly how Mona is. Her trust was shattered long ago.

Hi. My bf has an Alter and I commune with him all the time. I are deeply for both. I would love to chat with you and everyone else if you'd like. :)

You or any of your alters can talk to me, I don't have mpd/did but have a friend with many alters and I speak to all of them and help where possible. Please read my profile to find out more about me as I understand trust can be an issue.
Hope u also find some nice friends on ep.