What To Do About A Girl Who Fakes Being Multiple

Okay, so there is this girl who goes to my school and has found out about The Hotel (My multiple system)...

At first, she didn't say anything directly to me or anyone else who was out, but instead she would talk to my others friends and tell them about how I'm "faking" this for attention. First of all, I hate attention. Second of all, why didn't she say this to me? Anyway, so as time went on, my other friend, Robert, told me about how she told him that "I was faking and that she hates people like me how use it to get attention. Afterall, I should know. I have MPD." After he told me this, I was a bit upset and Chasity wanted to bite her head off (She hates people who trat this like it's a "game"). I let it go, however, but then things got worse.

I began to use Robert as my spy to tell me if she ever said anything About us. After a while he told me that she had a “personality” named Avery. This was quite funny to me because Avery was also the name of one of her anime/manga characters that she drew as well as the name of her car. Again, I brushed this off. So then summer break began and we all lived our lives free of stress. But then when it over, it all started over again. On the very first day of school I noticed that her hair was a blondeish pink color (it was dyed black the year before). I never said anything about it, but later that day she brought it up on her own for no apparent reason. “Yeah, It seems that someone didn’t want my hair black anymore. I just woke up with it like this one day.” BS. Immediately, Chasity was furious and stalking away. We hadn’t even done anything or brought it up yet she had to ruin the FIRST day of school. We were all hopeing she had forgotten about the whole thing, but in the end.. She didn’t. After this, Chasity, Jenffa, Loli, Dagen and Piper made the rule not to talk to her unless she talks to you first. Things went well after that. Aside from the story Robert ended up telling us.
Robert told us about how they went to the mall together. He said that they parked, then she said she was very tired, laid her head down for half a second then started talking in a (poor) British accent. This of course pissed Chasity off (She’s English) and made her think that the girl was moching her. But the story gets worse. According to what Robert said, they began walking around the mall and she kept talking in that voice as well as going to all the stores saying “Shelby will like this” and things like that. What aggravated me about this part is that nobody shops for other people unless it’s their birthday or Christmas.
Anyway, so then he told me about other things she began to talk about. Robert told me that she began talking about “Oh, I don’t have what they have. You see, I’m a succubus demon named Rachael who sometimes possesses Shelby’s body.” And he also said that she began saying how she loves Satan and that he’s not a bad guy, that he only made a mistake. Also about how God and Satan have pool night every week and chill and hang out.
By this point, many of us were upset and very angry. First of all, Rachael is the name of her favorite anime/manga character that she draws often. Secondly, now all of a sudden she’s not a multiple but a demon possessed girl? Thirdly, why does she talk in a British accent? Because Chasity has one? That’s what it seems like to us.
Anyway, things are getting even worse with her and she just SUPPOSEDLY went to the mental hospital for a whole week. The thing that upsets us about that is that. 1. No one openly talks about that to people, especially strangers. 2. We looked up the palce she “supposedly” went to, it doesn’t exist. And 3rd. She acts as if nothing has changed and that she ahs to take medicine now. Also, she won’t even tell us the reason she went other than she “passed out in the bathroom for 30 minutes”…

What are we supposed to do about her?! It’s really starting to **** us all off and we don’t know how to make her realize this is not a game and that she needs to stop faking this.
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Dude. The hell bro? What the **** is wrong with that chick? Man alive... What an attention *****... I mean really! Freakin' A! Just Don't. Flip. Your. Sheet over it. That has never gotten us anywhere good. --Max

Okay. First of all, the MPD is a mental disorder. She's, first off, an idiot for pretending to have a DISORDER, and an idiot for not at least /trying/ to make it believable. Because you can't just lie and change it every time. It isn't logical. -Kiara

Uhmm... I hope she realizes what a succubus demon is... Its a demon GIRLFRIEND that men typically summon so they can have sex. (Well, you won't have to worry about her getting together with Robert! XD ~Kat) So...also, those types of demons don't actually posses humans, they just follow them or return to Lilith. She really should have studied Satanism more before pulling that stunt. Because they definetly DON'T believe that they ever interact. ~Lucy

6 words: AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! 6 more... Just ignore the freaky delusonal girl. Or slap her. -BRIELLE

That really sucks.... -Emma

Thanks a ton for your understanding. I, personally, f****** hate the chick and want to kick her a**. But I'm not allowed to do that so I just cuss at her and glare. i think she's just a lonely B**** who wants attention and needs to learn what the hell she's talking about before she f****** picks a fight. I'm going to be here for the next 30 days. I hope she learns to shut up or leave us all alone.


I get that she is making you really angry. I would be in your situation as well. But from what I read, I think you should be a lot more suspicious of Robert. The girl knows way too much about you for someone that has never been told anything. I think Robert MAY be playing devil's advocate for some twisted reason.

Shelby does know about us a bit and kinda how it works. At first she kept treating everyone else like me, but then she met Chasity (who now hates her) who made sure she knew the differences between all of us (or at least her). I trust Robert a heck of alot more than I do her. Everyone tells me that she is one to make up stories to get attention and this is exactly what it sounds like she's doing now. Robert also talks to us a lot more and is best friends with a mouse therian named Jegs.

Hey.. Robert here.. I am most certainly not playing devils advocate. I just kinda hang out with this girl and talk. I don't reveal anything about her or MPD. And I tell the truth. Shes like my sister, why would I lie about **** when I'm only trying to help

You "ghost posted" to my comment, and I'm interested in what you may have said.

There is a lot that comes to mind which i could say on this topic. A lot about people like this "Shelby" that I could put in this tiny little box meant to hold my opinion; but all i am going to say is this:
Ignore her...

If I were you, I'd try to steer clear of her. She seems like someone who needs a lot of attention, She may not have at home but that doesn't excuse what she is doing. I always want to find the good in people, but Phoebe tells me that not everyone has good in them. To me, it seems like she wants everyone to feel sorry for her and faking this kind of this is not the way to get it...

That ***** deserves to get punched in the face. I mean what the hell? Why the **** would she want to fake that? She's looks to be wanting so much attention she'll do anything to get it. ****** me off frankly.

I agery with Siryn and Mona. This disorder is nuthen to play a round with.

Because she's faking this disorder, she's going to have problems down the road keeping the charade up. She is going to let her guard down and mix up one alter with another. When that does eventually happen, and it will, she is going to look more a fool then she does now. It is very irritating dealing with persons like her. She says you are faking it for attention, but she doesn't realize when she is found out she will be rejected by friends and allies then you will ever be. Don't let her get to you. All you are doing, by doing so is guaranteeing her self satisfaction and in dealing with persons like her, she will only drag it in and on the more attention everyone gives her over this.

It's Mona again. We all hope she stops doing this and will stop before it gets bigger and bigger. Because In the end, it will only hurt her. Take care. And please don't take Siryn's advise. :) hope all ends well for you.

Thank all of you for your advice and opinions. But we still can't decide what to do about her. Chasity wants to cut off all contact with her, Dagen wants to just ignore her/ make her mad. Jacob wants to punch her, Loli wishes to make her see her wrongs and Piper and I want To do is make her see this isn’t a game and we are all real and that this isn’t for attention or the end result of watching too much anime (Which is what we think made her assume her characters are real..)

Oh my really, first she sounds like a moron, now I get sensitive when people are like, "oh you are faking it to get attention". I mean really, I grew up in an abusive home and most days I prefer staying as far from people as I can. however to think someone would fake something like this? what an idiot, I'm sorry you have to put up with her. she sounds like the one who wants attention, she talks down about you then all of a sudden she's the one with MPD yeah real funny, good self control though *whispers* you can still talk **** about her, she earned that much.

WOW I would so tear her a new one, two new ones! Okay so you might not be able to confront her face to face, honestly I would start defacing her name and word. Sounds mean but come on shes trying to do the same thing to you and making your life hell. And you don't deserve or need that kind of steaming BS. Tear that ***** down!!

Aurora here, I think what Zoesyis is trying to say is that you have proof and you know she is faking it. So you don't have to go after her and confront her directly, since that probably wouldn't get you anywhere unfortunately. But the next time anyone comes to you and starts talking about her and what she has said about her 'MPD' you can bring up how you know the hospital she went to is fake, how one of her characters is her so called 'alters', how she has magically changed her story from having personality's to having a demon inside her instead. Or maybe the fact that there isn't a medication for this out there even (As far as I know, I could be wrong but I haven't seen it) ??

If you take away the foundations she is standing on to make people believe her... it will 'deface' her as Zoe put it. Basically the people and friends you talk to will know she is full of it. You don't have to go around telling everyone you know, but if someone brings her up or mentions her then you know what to say and do~

Also, I think coming out with your own MPD wouldn't be the best idea. Just a side thought of mine though. Be very careful in that school environment on who you tell- I haven't told a soul even with my closer friends because I am afraid they will see me as someone who just wants attention. Also keep in mind no matter what you do or say- some of her friends will always take her side no matter what anyone else would say, even in the face of truth. So just try not to associate with them and stick to your own loyal friend group. Hope any of this can help!

Yeah, it helps a lot to be able to rant about this and get some outside help. The thing is though, she is deemed the "wierd, crazy girl" at school, so nobody truly believes her anyway. It just aggravates us to no end how she says this stuff even though everyone can tell she's just tying to act like she's like us. The funny thing is, she doesn't dare say a word about it to our faces anymore; Especially Chasity.