Where Has Everyone Gone?

I feel like we were here and doing pretty well with communicating it kept everyone happy we weren't so closed off. Then one lost internet connection after another, we rarely get a chance to come on anymore. Our host has been saving money and perhaps we can convince her to buy a computer it is rough being so alone, we notice she gets depressed more often than she did when she had a group of pals online. (trust issues and all) so looking at our friend list...where has everyone gone?

and uh welcome to all the new people we missed
hope to hear from a ton of you.

The Gang in the Castle
darkdestiny921 darkdestiny921
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

thanks to you both, I hope more people start talking, hope you all have a good day or evening wherever you are in the world :)

Well I'm not exactly new here, been here since 2011 I believe but I haven't been on much until just recently. I'm here if anyone wants to chat. Got a group of people here who are looking forward to talking to others who can relate. :)

I know how you feel (Sort of) I am new here but I think having a place we can all just chat and have friends who understand, even in an online setting, would be so helpful to more than just me.<br />