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Some people call it psychotic, others, make believe, but I call it life. Honestly, if it wasn't for my alters, yes all five of them, I don't think I would still be alive. What some people don't understand is that they saved me from suicide when I was in high school. My anxiety attacks made me think death was the only way to make the fear and pain go away. Siryn took that pain away. She made life manageable. She made it less frightening. She made crowds not so scary. If she wasn't there take over for me, I wouldn't even be alive to write this. She took my fear away and because of her, I was able to live without fear of being picked on and harassed by the boys in school. She made them leave me alone when I couldn't speak up.

Then Momo showed up. Took over when I needed time to settle down. Take over my over happiness. Because even happiness at times was too much for me to handle. She was the one that was able to express that feeling.

Then Phoebe popped years later when an ex of mine started to becoming abusive and left before it could get any worse. She helped me through the day he choked me. And she has helped me through any kind of depression I have now. When things become too much to handle. Or when Siryn becomes out of control, like she's been known to do, she comes out and does the logical decision to make things better.

Then came Gail. My adult side. The one that calls for appointments I need to make or make adult decisions. She was the one that took me away from another bad situation I had...

Then Tabatha came out when another ex became obsessed, telling I was his property and that he owned me. She handle my fear then and all extreme fears that followed...

Siryn was there when I found out my uncle would touch me when I slept a few years ago. She helped me through that horrible time and helped me any time those horrible memories came up. She holds all my deep and horrible memories I do not remember.

So yeah, go ahead and call me a nut job. Go ahead and judge me before you know the reason why they are there. So go ahead and keep it up and keep trying to make me feel horrible about myself. There isn't much anyone can say and cal me that I haven't already been called.

Sorry but it's just irritating to have people think so low of me because I am not "normal" like them...
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It's great that you have alters who help you, they aren't all horrible. You are normal, I also have it, I don't know why we are seen so horribly

Tell them to Define normal babes, because this whole damned world is a little bit messed up.

Yeah true I guess

and Normal is also over rated.

Indeed and indeed some more. **nods in agreement**

You're strong, and unfortunately, "normal" people don't understand anyone different, well the whole community of DID/MPD is behind you hon. Alters aren't all bad mine have been my friends through thick and thin, even when I even thought I was crazy, but you're right it's just life and we have to live it just like everyone else. Talk to you soon. :)

Thank you. Just upsets me a little when people think I can't be a good mother because of it. :/

You're very welcome, and I think women (and men of course) can be great parents, when it becomes too stressful you can easily show an alter what to do, and you yourself can relax and then try again, don't let the jerks get to you, I know I did. :)

I'm trying not to let this person get to me. Called me a nutjob because of a story of mine the read. Tried to bring me down on a story I commented of and proceeded to call me that on my whiteboard. So thanks for your comment. Makes me feel better.

I'm glad, and report that person, there is no harassment allowed on this site, also go to their page and block them.

Oh okay I'll do that.

I am a "normal" person but I find alters fascinating. I don't know anyone in real life with them unfortunately. Please don't hate on us "normal" people. I think it would be pretty cool to have alters just to see what they are like. It really interests me because I am a writer in the making and I guess I am a little similar if you think about it. I always am creating characters and almost living their lives as I write about them.

I wasn't referring to all "normal" people. Just some. I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. That wasn't my intention to offend people. I should have worded it differently. I have friends that know of my alters and a few are okay with them and find a couple of them interesting. My boyfriend only has a problem with Siryn. Only because she started things with him. But yeah sorry to offend you. It really wasn't my intention.

That's okay. I understand how most people could be confused or freaked out. I hope things work out between your boyfriend and Siryn.

nothing to be offended over dear, if you know you're a good person, I'm talking about a special group of normies, those ones who only care about people who are just like them, you know, those normies that haven't grown up yet and probably never will.

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